What is a tag sale?

This definition will only characterize what we mean by tag sale in the Long Island/New York area and, more specifically, from my own personal point-of-view based on my experiences attending and conducting them.) A tag sale is a one-to-three-day sellout of the partial or entire contents of a home. This includes estate sales, moving sales, and sales to combine households. This does not include garage sales, yard sales, fire sales, church basement sales, car-boot sales, or flea markets. There is obviously some overlap in the kinds of things you can find at these different types of sales but the emphasis at tag sales is on cleaning out as much of a household's things as possible to make their move or estate reckoning as easy as possible and to cover the costs related to moving or disposing of unsaleable goods. EVERYTHING is potentially, but not necessarily, for sale from the house to the floorboards to the cars to the wedding rings.

These distinctions are important within the LI scene because there is a prejudice that you will find cheaper, crappier things at yard/garage/basement sales (at likewise cheap prices) and that you will find more gently used things (at less of a price knockdown) at tag sales. Different kinds of customers will be happier at one or the other of these. They're all a bunch of addicts that flock to every sale they can, though, ha.

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Here are a few pictures of the organized chaos that you see at our typical sales:

People waiting their turn to get into the house.

Cashier's table.

Clothes and odds and ends everywhere.

Valuables kept safe in curios.

Every available surface gets used.

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  1. Awesome site. Came here from Pat's BtB site to check out one of my peers site. Very artistic! Best of luck!

  2. Thanks so much for the support. Pat attracts all the best kind of people.


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