Two-Minute Guide to Authenticating Hermes scarves


When you're at a tag sale you don't always have a lot of time to make sure you're buying the real deal. There are 40 other people standing over your shoulder waiting to grab everything in sight and the coordinators need to get you in and out as quickly as possible so there isn't, you know, MADNESS.

Nevertheless I've scored some awesome, authentic pieces for great prices. Here's how I do it in two minutes with Hermès scarves.
  1. Touch it. Silk feels like silk. Hermès silk feels like the best silk.
  2. Look at the overall print. Everything should (obviously) be clear/unblurry.
  3. Check for "© Hermès" on the upper left corner of scarf.
  4. Check fabric content tag. Written in French or French & English side-by-side.
  5. Look for "Hermès.Paris" (along bottom edge, typically), scarf title, artist signature (not present on older scarves).
  6. Look for front-facing hand-rolled hand-stitched hems.
  7. Use body parts for measurement. I know offhand my hip measurement is around 35" (the exact length of a large Hermès scarf!) and the tip of my middle finger to the inner crook of my elbow is around 15". Knowing a couple of these body part measurements is a great way to surreptitiously measure things so no other shoppers get too interested in what you're holding and no sellers jack up the price on you.


Even after I've checked all of these things, and even though I know my shit, I only take a chance if the price is an amount of money I'm comfortable losing.

Have you scored any seriously good, authentic designer merchandise at a steal at a sale? Share in the comments or email

I think it goes without saying, by the way, that once you have one you should wear it All. The. Time.



  1. Hermès Concerto scarf from an estate sale in Great Neck
  2. Calvin Klein dress from a tag sale in Great Neck
  3. Jean-Michel Cazabat gold wedges, stolen from my mother
  4. Crazy vintage dangling earrings from tag sale in Flushing
  5. Dior Zeli sunglasses from Nordstrom Rack in Westbury

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