The only four things you should have on your yard sale sign


I've seen many thousands of signs for tag, estate, moving, yard, garage sales over the years. A lot of people try to overcomplicate their signs with unnecessary information ("Something for everyone"  I DON'T BELIEVE YOU; "Make 2nd L on Orion and 3rd R on Clarendon" I CAN'T READ THAT) and lose a lot of traffic as a result. Here are the only four things you should put on your sign.
  1. The words "Yard Sale." (Or "Garage Sale," "Tag Sale," "Estate Sale," "Moving Sale," etc.)
  2. The day, date, and time of the sale. ("SAT, 6/17 10-4")
  3. The street address. ("1313 Mockingbird Lane")
  4. A big giant arrow indicating which way your sale is. (← ↑ →)
That's it. I  really do see people write complicated directions, descriptions of items for sale, telephone numbers, all kinds of crazy, unnecessary things. No one can memorize your complicated directions while driving by your sign at 30+ mph. No one can read your list of items for sale unless they are on foot (in which case they're not walking a mile and a half to your sale) and, more often than not, you're scaring off customers who don't think they want the exact things on your list. Keep all this extra stuff confined to your online advertisements for your sale. With your sign, just get your random passersby there and let them judge for themselves.

People need a lot of blank space between your writing to absorb what's written on your sign at all. So keep it simple.

Also, keep it in this order. The first thing someone driving by will need to know is: is that a sign for a yard sale or for some guy who washes windows? The second thing they'll need to know is: is this sale currently going on? Then, finally, they're ready to know exactly where to find your sale. Don't waste your time making the shaft of your arrow thick; just make sure the head is full and easy to read.

Enjoy maximizing your street traffic.

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