Smokin' Hot Winter in 7 Easy Pieces

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I was speaking with a friend who, not having grown up here in the Northeastern US, found herself at a complete loss when it came to looking cute and feeling warm in a New York winter. This outfit is for her and anyone like her. If I'm maybe a little more outlandish with my clothes than you are, just adapt the concepts. :) So. Let's talk layers.

fortunate son

Wool, cashmere, and heavy cotton sweaters are your best friends when it comes to braving the NY cold. You will also likely find yourself entering buildings that closely resemble saunas when you come in from the cold so DO wear something under that sweater and do consider how your outfit will look if you have to take it off. You're going to want that layer under your sweater to be reasonably lightweight - 72 degrees is the low end on a lot of the thermostats - really just a comfy and cute barrier between your body and your possibly itchy wool sweater. Here, I have on a Missoni for Target blouse - not the most comfy and breathable - so I might also put a cotton camisole or ribbed tank underneath. You want breathability on whatever layer is touching your skin.


All that layering can get a little boring and bulky. So. If you're going with a more voluminous skirt, like the one I'm wearing, maybe you want to cinch your waist in with an amazing statement belt. Mine pulls out the colors in my inner layer blouse. That's called Winning at Life. ;) Ordinarily I would go with something super contrasty to the rest of my outfit with my necklace but the acrylic belt is a LOT of shine - it basically functions as statement jewelry itself - so I went with a muted velvet necktie. If your belt isn't dramatic, totally wear something louder near your neck.

fear the reaper

Socks over tights. Master it. First of all, don't be afraid to buy shoes that are a half size, or even a full size, too big for you. Because you'll need them for all the socks over tights you're going to fall in love with doing. Your feet are going to thank you for not giving them frostbite and you're still going to be able to wear impossibly adorable shoes. (Save it for non-snow/rain days that are still bitterly cold.)

This outfit still works for days with a lot more weather, though. Just swap out the shoes:

upward cute in the boot

It's a whole different feel. :) Here are a couple of other socks over tights looks with more contrast between the two: one two three four five

  1. Burberry cobalt blue cable knit peplum sweater from tag sale in Sands Point (see it again here)
  2. Missoni for Target Passione blouse from Target in Westbury
  3. L'ecole des Femmes pleated plaid skirt from Loehmann's in Sheepshead Bay
  4. vintage blue velvet tie from tag sale in Dix Hills
  5. vintage lucite belt from tag sale in Roslyn Heights
  6. vintage Bruno Magli bow pumps (again here)
  7. DKNY gray tights and gray socks from Filene's in Manhasset

Burberry cable knit cobalt blue peplum sweater from tag sale in Sands Point vintage blue velvet tie from tag sale in Dix Hills vintage lucite belt from tag sale Vintage Bruno Magli bow pumps in my bathroom. #vintage #shoes

Missoni for Target Passione blouse from Target in Westbury l'ecole des femmes pleated plaid skirt from Loehmann's in Sheepshead Bay

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  1. I'm head over heels for that sweater and belt!! And together? SO amazing!

  2. Thanks! You should have seen me throwing elbows to get to that belt. ;) It would be fun to see you style it some time, actually.

  3. You have the most adorable style. That belt is so cool.

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