Kara Laricks Tie Scarf x2


Hope you all started your New Year off on the right foot. I'll share some photos of my NYE soon. It's the first one I've had in a while that was all it was hyped up to be. Which is to say: it was nice and not overhyped. ;)

But first things first: I can't stop wearing these AMAZING Kara Laricks scarves. Two days into 2014, it's already the Year of the Scarf for me. I can't get enough of them and I can't get them long and drapey enough.

bring it on home

This ice blue hooded scarf, in particular, is already a staple in my wardrobe. I knew before it even arrived that it was going to be the perfect contrast for this Escada coat I throw on any time I'm in a hurry. But this scarf is also the perfect counterpoint to the head-to-toe black Uniform of the average New Yorker. (Counterpoint might be the perfect way to describe my style in general, mightn't it?)

home base

This jacket hangs open, no buttons or zipper, so a scarf that more closely resembles a hoodie is basically my hero.

lay of the land

I also bought the regular tie scarf in heather grey. Much lighter and therefore more portable. I keep it tossed in my bag with my gloves and a hat for all those days (there are many) when I failed to pay attention to a weather report. This one feels like classic Kara to me. (You might remember I've been a fan since day one of Fashion Star, a show I only continued to watch because I loved Kara.)

ready to shove off

Yeah, the yacht is in storage so I'm stuck with this little guy but I don't seem to mind. ;)

dancing shoes

In fact I feel like dancing. What were we talking about?


Right. These Moschino gloves I'm wearing are awesome but they're also the reason I don't do trades on Poshmark anymore. I'm not letting that stop me from enjoying them. ;)

This post is like a Who's Who of my favorite brands, by the way. Escada, Moschino, Missoni, Kara Laricks: I can die happy.

make it rain

Breathe it all in.

Now here's a quick review:

The quality on these scarves is ace. They are that perfect kind of lush but not too delicate. They are truly unisex with nice length and roominess in the hood. Obviously higher end than the stuff Macy's and H&M did with Kara on Fashion Star. I'd have to try some of the actual clothes to compare it with the stuff from Saks. (You know I will sometime soon!) orders are filled through a site called and I have to say how great they were, too. Their packaging has that indie, hand-wrapped touch and they include a cool little write-up of the designer you're supporting.

And, bonus: Right Now, your purchase of any of the items on this page help benefit sweet puppies and kitties at Social Tees Animal Rescue who need your help.

  1. Vintage Escada coat from tag sale in Great Neck
  2. M Missoni v-neck sweater from tag sale in Woodbury
  3. Free People shorts from Free People in Roosevelt Field Mall
  4. Kara Laricks scarves from
  5. Moschino gloves from Poshmark.
  6. Longchamp green tote from tag sale in Dix Hills
  7. Betsey Johnson over-the-knee socks from Nordstrom Rack in South Jersey.
  8. L.A.M.B. houndstooth oxfords from Saks outlet in Gallery at Westbury Plaza.
  9. Dior red sunnies from Nordstrom Rack in Gallery at Westbury Plaza.
Can you believe how many things I wore that WEREN'T jewelry? ;)

See more of:
The socks - DKNY and the Moschino Vest
The shorts - Donald Pliner Boots & Westbury Bloomingdale's Outlet Opening

Escada vintage wool coat from tag sale in Great Neck M Missoni v-neck sweater from tag sale in Woodbury Moschino gloves from Poshmark Longchamp green tote from tag sale in Dix Hills

Kara Laricks hooded scarf in ice blue from Kara Laricks tie scarf in heather grey from Free People high-waist crochet yoke shorts from Free People in Roosevelt Field Betsey Johnson OTK socks from Nordstrom Rack in South Jersey L.A.M.B. houndstooth oxfords from Saks outlet in Gallery at Westbury Plaza Dior Zeli sunglasses from Nordstrom Rack in Westbury

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  1. You really know how to make a designer's day. Consider those scarves hugs from me. -K

  2. Michi - DelphinaLuxeJanuary 3, 2014 at 5:12 PM

    Love the Kara Laricks scarves! So fun and just the right for this outfit. The look as a whole is absolutely fantastic. I'm impressed that you're able to wear a skirt in NY weather!

  3. On the water, no less. Cold weather is a little bit in my soul. I still need to bundle up in general but I usually like a little of my skin to feel the brisk air. It's invigorating. :)

  4. I heart scarves, youd probably love the Yokoo ones!

  5. Yes, and the hats! The woman has similar hair to mine so there's hope they'll look good with my cut, too.

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Let's dance.