Outfit: Black & White & Navy - They Totally Mix

A bare midriff might seem challenging even for us 30-somethings who aren't phoning it in but to all that racket I say pfft. Especially in the winter. This is when I come alive.

scent of a woman

And so can you.

I bought this Calvin Klein navy and cream robe (yes, pajamas!) at a recent tag sale and now I kind of live in it. Oftentimes silk sleepwear is less expensive than proper clothing so (trust me - I'm a style doctor!) take advantage of the pajama trend and buy yourself a bunch of perfectly drapey silk tops and robes (but call them caftans after you buy them... so you sound fancy and not at all like you're wearing PJs) while they're everywhere.

pale fire

I know this amazing lady (through Poshmark, of course) who makes new bracelets out of vintage pieces. I needed a little extra oomph in mine so she custom made this one out of a ginormous vintage pin and beads for me:

the nycstylista bracelet

If you follow me on Instagram (which you should), you know I think golf shoes should be a thing. (Some golfers agree, haha.) You're welcome.

par four

Vintage MCM. There's just something about it. This one's shot to hell and it just makes it better. It's like knockaround luxury. I like to carry this backpack when I'm tag sale-ing (hands-free shopping for the win) and when I'm at a show (hands-free dancing also FTW).

voyeur view

I, like, really love trees, y'all.

the dance

Sometimes I do a thing similar to the free association game with my clothes, where I keep one item from an outfit to wear again the next day. These shorts were in my last outfit post and my bag will be in my next one. Nothing has to be worn only once, or only one way, and this is a really good way to immediately craft a more mix-and-matchable wardrobe for yourself. Try it.

  1. Calvin Klein striped robe from tag sale in Brookville.
  2. Houndstooth cropped sweater from Loehmann's (15 years ago, you guys).
  3. Karl Lagerfeld for Impulse faux leather shorts from Macy's in Roosevelt Field.
  4. Dior Zeli red sunglasses from Nordstrom Rack in Westbury.
  5. Upcycled vintage pin bracelet by nycstylista via Poshmark.
  6. Vintage MCM backpack from tag sale in East Hills.
  7. Kenneth Cole black & white golf shoes from tag sale in Dix Hills.

Calvin Klein striped robe from tag sale in Brookville MCM backpack from tag sale in East Hills Untitled

Dior Zeli sunglasses from Nordstrom Rack in Westbury Untitled houndstooth cropped sweater from high school (bought at Loehmann's) Karl Lagerfeld for Impulse shorts from Macy's in Roosevelt Field

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