Vintage Dress Up


So those of us who shop at estate sales have a lot of vintage clothes and wear them out and about like they're just clothes. But. Sometimes you come across a vintage piece so insane, so out there, so generally unwearable that it sits in the back of your closet waiting for its unlikely moment to shine.

Well, to that I say "Pfft." Put it on and lounge around in it like the lady of leisure you don't really want to be but whose hat you maybe want to try on from time to time. Enjoy the whimsy of the unwearable.


Do a backbend in it. Show it you don't take it too seriously.


Put on your serious face when you tell it you love it.

Look at all that extra sleeve fabric. I don't even. But I love it.

Dance with it.

  1. Blue dress with nutso sheer sleeves from estate sale in Great Neck.
  2. Kate Spade sheer polka dot pumps from DSW in Westbury.
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  1. Omg this dress!! I wouldn't wear it out the house either but I have several vintage pieces that fit this description!! Love it!

  2. Yes, right? So important to rescue a couple of these from the rubbish heap. :)

  3. Whoa! This dress...those sleeves!!!

  4. The best part is the whole sheer part is a separate piece so I could wear this insanity with other outfits if I wanted to.

  5. That dress is amazing.
    And I love, love, love the first image. It's so editorial!


Let's dance.