Recent loot: cameo, stone, Southwestern, amethyst

Some recent acquisitions.
  1. This stone pendant was a gift from a tag sale customer. She also gives me opera tickets from time to time. We really do have the best customers ever!
  2. I have nothing Southwestern in my house but the colors in this little accent rug are perfect for my living room. Southwestern feels very fresh paired with MCM to me right now and I love to have a little of everything. So I'll make a spot for this as my living room comes together.
  3. This white gold cameo was passed down through my husband's family and now it's mine. I love cameos but they're even better with personal history attached. Don't you think?
  4. How could I not buy this amethyst figural ring? There was no way. So. Me.

Have you bought anything amazing at a tag sale recently? Share in the comments below.

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  1. My apartment is so far from southwestern style decorating but I really love that rug!

  2. Mine, too, (other than a vase with a coyote head carved into it that's actually South American not Southwestern) but there was just something about it!


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