156 tag sale professionals tell us what items are hot right now

I rounded up 156 top tag sale businesses to ask them what the three hottest sellers are in their area right now and the results are in...

  1. Vintage/Costume Jewelry. The biggest piece of the pie is costume jewelry. Jewelry, in general, blew the rest of the answers out of the water. I separated fine/gold/silver into the precious metals category as (no surprise!) several of the respondents mentioned they were being melted by the buyers.
  2. Mid Century Modern & Danish Modern. My question was very open-ended and a ton of respondents specifically singled out "anything mid century" from general furnishings.
  3. Precious Metals. This included silver serving pieces and decor, gold & silver jewelry, and copper. No one really mentioned other precious metals but my experience is that people do look for some of them, too, depending on the price of the metals on any given day.
  4. Usable/Kitchen/Home Items. Quite a few respondents reported that anything that has actual use value was popular at their sales, including vintage and high end kitchen items.
  5. General/Vintage Furniture. This included high-end contemporary furniture and generally good condition, usable furniture but didn't include MCM furniture.
  6. Tools. People love vintage, antique, high-end, junk. Pretty much any kind of tools are a hit.
  7. Bricabrac/Decorative/Collectibles. From high end crystal and ornate mirrors to sports memorabilia. This category has certainly dipped from days past when people thought they'd retire on their Lladros and Hummels.
  8. Clothes/Accessories. This included vintage, designer, usable, bags, shoes, scarves.
  9. Outdoor. Patio sets, urns, garden supplies, garage items, barbeques. It may be the time of year, but outdoor items are hot right now.
  10. Unique. Anything especially unique or rare seems to be a draw for a lot of respondents.
Rounding out the list, these items are still fairly hot: vintage toys, guns/weapons, electronics and media, art, military, and local items(ads/promo materials/teams/etc.).

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Now here are the respondents:

Charlene Macias, Timesavers Estate Sales Andrew Adelson, everything goes estate liquidations inc
Kathy Norton, Legacy Estate Sale Services Marilyn Jensen, Estate Sale Services LLC
Laurie Zook, Mission Transition & Ameri-Estates Maura Lindsay, Tresor Estate Sales
Tiffany Kinder, Above and Beyond Estate Sales April Gallagher, April's Estate Sales
Joan Ruggiero, Joan's Estate Sales Amanda, Valley Estate Services
John Romani, Sales by Helen Tammy Weiss, Not Your Mother's Estate Sale
Ian Harding, Sweet & Harding Lin and Rose, A Couple of Dusty Old Bags Estate Sale Experts
Phoebe Sharp, Carnaby Estate Sales Jim Schaefer, J & K Antiques and Estate Sales
Kelly Daniel & Amy Reehl, Within Reason CT Andi Frary, Lara Vintage Sales
Gay Gasper, Gay Gasper Estate Sales Barbara Linton & Kristin Bianconi, Cherokee Estate Sales
Terri Lane, Estate & Liquidation Sales, Inc. Matt Koester, Blissfield Antique Mall Estate & Liquidations
Jo Welch, Welch's Antiques & Estates Pam Bars, Royal Estate Sales
Karen Button, Worthwhile Estate Sales Gale J. Dewberry, A Full House Estate Liquidators
Mark Dobies, Caring Transitions of Columbus, Ohio Joyce, Beacon Auction Group LLC
Mona Scavo, Tag Sales By Mona Mark Blondy, Americana Estate Sales
David Morrison, Morrison Estate Sales Deborah Wade, Deb Wade Estate Sales
Vicki Rellas, Consignworks Susan, Collector's Closet Estate Sales
Gayle Chillious, Caring Transitions of Beachwood Judy Landino, D & J Auction and Estate Sales Services
Freda Abraham, Abraham’s Estate Liquidations Tom Roberts, Estate sales by tom roberts
Nancy Gilligan, Caring Transitions of Tampa Mary Jim Ailor, Loose Ends By Mj LLC
Dawn Provan, NEW DAWNINGS Michelle Passoff and Andre Kupfermunz, FREE FROM CLUTTER ESTATE SALES
Amy Harley, THESAVROS Estate Sales Elodie Cardon-Alexander, Cardon Estate Sales
Lisa Semerjian, Antique Revival Estate Sale Karla Switzer, Affordable Estate Sale
Todd Wolfram, Caring Transitions of Charlotte Debbie Bertoli, Treasured Tag Sales, Inc.
Jacqueline Hammond, Fifth Avenue Estate Liquidation LLC Gary Russell, Memories Estates
Leo Lantigua, Estate Sales of Southwest FL, inc Julie McClure, Appraisals and Sales by Julie McClure, Inc
Debra Loskill, Casa Bella Sales, Inc. Gina Cesarotti, Affordable Professional Estate Sales and Liquidations
Elaine Raiola, Elegant Estate Exchange Amanda Sarver, SAF Estate Sales
John Lineberger, Fairfax and Page Katie Cutlip, Heritage Sales & Appraisals
Donna Pfister, D & W Estate Sales Charlotte Braden, Sterling Estate Sales
Diane Baker, Avenue Antiques Lorie Hart and Lisa Lowy, L&L Estate Liquidation & Appraisal Services, LLC
Dorothy Heitman, Estate Sales by LMT Kimberly Soria, Xcntric Estate Sales
Bronwyn Stoner, Fine Design Paul J. Dunn, Lucky Rabbit Estate Sales
Kim Teaver, Kim Teaver & Company Dianne Duncan, Duncan's Estate Services LLC
Ann R. Hutchens, Creating Divine Order Shari Capaldi, True Blue Estate Sales
Mary Kay Evoy, The Ageless Treasure Carol Walser and Brette Bates, Bethesda Estate Service
Susan Burns, The Estate Ladies Cindy Illig-Lum, The TimeFinders
Linda Dicrescenzo, At Your Service Michelle Gorcica, Sweet Estate Sales
Eva Matthews, Estate Sale by E . Matthews Christopher "Pineapple" Lesley, The Funky Junk Brothers
Nancy Dunn, Estate sales by Nancy Dunn Kris Kircher, Caring Transitions of Omaha, Nebraska
Judy McBane, Village Estate Sales Erica Williams, Owner, Count It All Joy Estate Sales
Lori Whited, Treasure Trove Estate Sales Mark Thomas, EstateSalesAustin
Chet Nine, Nine Estate Sales, LLC Claudia Chapulis and Lori Kumskis, Estate Angels
Richard R. Old, Ph.D., Estate Services Beth Kohn, 3 Friends: Estate Sales & More
Elspeth Killinger, Pot of Gold Estate Liquidations Carol A. Gallagher, Annie's Estate Sales
Deana Kuehn, 1st Step Estate Sales Cindy Churchill, denver estate sales
Stephanie Sprabeary, J&S Estate Sales Mark Whitney Pittman, Attics To Basements Estate Sales Inc
Mike Wall, Mike Wall & Associates Tracy Arguello and Matty Shapiro, Two Ladies 2 the Rescue!
L.A. Davis, Highlands Estate Services Windy, Susie's Estate Sales
Cheryl Cockrell, Cheryl Cockrell Estate Sales Diana Nichols, Pacifc Estate Sales
Sanford Cohen, Estate Sales Los Angeles Kathleen Siewert, Helping Hands, LLC
Claudia Deming, Deming Estate Sales Linda Chaffin, Chaffin Estate Sales & Services
Gaven Day, All Day Estates Bruce Blakeman, Blakeman Estate Sales
Victoria Prieto, All Treasured Estate Sales Bippie's Vintage Estate Sales
Wayne Halbritter, Trunk Full of Treasures Phyllis Halstead, Halstead's Helping Hands Estate Sales LLC
Lisa Lee, Bye Gones Estate & Moving Sales Zayda, Estate Of Affairs
Marilyn Irvin, Estate Sales by Marilyn Joseph Asaro, Austin Estate Sales
Ronnie Wahrburg, Gold Coast Tag Sales* Rachael Garnett, Garnett Estate Sales & Dry Goods
Shirley Handelsman, T-N-T Treasures, Inc. Jared Fast, Caring Transitions of Montgomery County
Patrice Berlin, Berlin Estate Sales Madeline Winn, Full of Surprizes Estate & Tag Sales
Nancy Baldwin, Tag Sale Treasures Joyce Downing, JNJ Liquidators
Carole Hardin, Carole's Estates Cathye, Hannah’s Attic Estate Sales
Nancy Humphries, Thistle Estate Sales Robin Psota, Retro Robin Estate Sales LLC
Nance Hovik, House of Hamblin Estate Liquidation Chris Jimenez, Caring Touch Estates
Leanne Smith, Leannes Estate Sales Gerrit Macey, Aloha Estate Sales
Leslie Conklin, Chicago Estate Sales Kathy Platt, Kathy Platt Estate Sales
Kathy Wolf, Auctions By Wolf and Liquidations Elizabeth Ann Mudder, Elizabeth Ann's Estate & Downsizing Sales of Oregon
Cindy Barca, @ Your Service Estate Sales Dolly Wittman, Caring Transitions KC
Theresea Berwager, Anna's Attic Estate Sales Chelsea Kozachenko, Early Bird Estate Services
Daniel Sanders, Four Sales Ltd Phil Berube, Caring Transitions of Lake Harmony
Bill Brightenburg, Bright Estate Sales Judi Stadler, J. D. Llama Estate and Appraisal Services
Lorraine Walsh, A Better Way Liquidators Joe De MATTEO, J&J ESTATE SALES AND AUCTION SERVICE
Jerril Knowlden, VCS Estate Services Barbara Zionce & Darrell Mell, Hedgehog & Company
Raj Basak, Hassle Free Estate Sales Collette Brown, ACE Appraisals, Consultations & Estate Services, Inc.
Lottie Stevens, Sales By Lottie Lyn Huck, Lyn Huck Estate & Appraisal Services
Christine Grechis, All About You Estate Sales Lora McLaughlin, Keepsakes Estate Sales and Services, LLC
LouAnn Drew, Enchanted Attic Estate Sales Heidi Duffey, Mid Century Furniture Warehouse
(*I'm part of the team at Gold Coast Tag Sales.)

Thanks so much to everyone who gave their time to this project. We'll also be breaking this down by region with everyone's responses in greater detail. So make sure to put your email address in the box below and click "Sign me up."

And then visit the comments section and let us all know: What are you looking for at tag/estate sales? What's hot in your area?

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  1. As someone who has been going to sales my whole life, this looks about right. I am very interested in seeing if there are any regional differences as far as what people want

  2. Agree that will be interesting, Eric. I haven't divided the data into the regions yet but I'm interested in seeing if interest in firearms, especially, is more of a regional thing.

  3. This was such an interesting post. Can't wait to hear what is hot in the South. Great job compiling all this data.

  4. In the Midwest, these figures are pretty close.

  5. Such an interesting chart...I grew up going to sales with my mom and I haven't been in a few years, but from what I remember people in the midwest were always much more interested in things like furniture and tools and basic clothes, where as when we lived in MA people were much more into quality pieces, antiques, collectible items...

  6. Yeah, that makes some sense to me, too. We also see differences between people coming from more or less urban areas, and between when our sales are closer to Manhattan and further. Some of the companies surveyed have specialties, too, like helping the elderly transition to assisted living or professional appraisals, and that could have something to do with what their clients have on offer. We've seen a definite shift toward basic and useful things here and we're fairly urban with fairly high average incomes. This may have something to do with Sandy but more likely the general economy and focus on greener living. Thanks for sharing and we HAVE to get you back out to a sale sometime soon!

  7. Yeah, I think overall, especially in the most popular categories, the answers formed a consensus that had nothing to do with region, but, for example, here in the NYC/Long Island area tag sale companies are not licensed to sell firearms so, even if there were a high demand for firearms, they wouldn't be hot sellers because no one is equipped to sell them. We have our clients bring them to gun shops if they want to sell them or, if the homeowners are deceased, we turn them in to the police department. I'm interested in whether all of the respondents who listed them are in the same general area or spread across the country and just happen to be licensed to sell. Whereas furs are probably not popular sellers in Florida because nobody needs them there.

  8. Haha, besides the sun, right? ;) Thanks for the support!

  9. Yes that all makes sense! And yes I've been itching to go to one!


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