Reputable Tag Sale Companies and How to Find Them

So, as you know, when we're not busy conducting tag sales, we're busy going to them. Below is a list of NY companies I know run a professional sale and run sales fairly often. It's a very personal business and sometimes personalities clash but you can at least rely on these companies to execute their sales well and not rip you off, so give them a try.
These are just companies I can personally vouch for because I've attended their sales. There could be lots of very nice companies that aren't on this list (and there are a few terrible ones I won't go to). I'll update this list as I discover more companies I like that last longer than a season or two.

What companies do you like?

If you're a homeowner looking for a company to run a sale for you: How to find the best company depends on your region, but a good starting point is You can also check your local paper(s)' classifieds and see whose ads are most appealing, or ask friends or your broker for a recommendation. Also try a Google search on "[your region] tag sales" or "[your region] estate sales" Again, it's all about personality, so don't worry as much about the technical end and focus on the company whose style makes you feel most comfortable when you're interviewing together.

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