Loot: Steuben, Dante, Dore and a brass iron

iron, steuben, dante

Taking a quick breath before I leave for yet another tag sale appointment (this one by Silver Tag Sales, run by me and my sister-in-law), enjoying a few recent purchases.

Hubbs and I are big fans of Steuben so this bowl was a no-brainer. (By the way, I have a few Steuben ashtrays-cum-bowls. You can usually get ashtrays pretty inexpensively these days and the butt rests make excellent spoon rests.)

I loved the brass iron for its animal carvings. There's a turtle you can't see in this glare. I like to have a little of everything and we don't have any irons. Or doorstops. Right now clothes hanging from the handles are the only doorstops we have, haha.

The book is Inferno. Eric loves Dante and I picked the book up for him because I loved the Dore engravings this edition includes.

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  1. Do you have a picture of your bowl collection together?! I'd love to see it!!


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