Tag Sale Techniques: Buying Off-Season for Better Prices

Ralph Lauren plaid blouse from tag sale in Great Neck Ralph Lauren green plaid ruffle blouse from tag sale in Great Neck Equipment plaid blouse from tag sale in Great Neck Ralph Lauren checked blouse from tag sale in Great Neck Coach red leather satchel from tag sale in Great Neck Burberry quilted brown leather bag from tag sale in Great Neck

Just a couple of recent purchases, all a bit off-season but all keepers.
  1. Ralph Lauren red and blue plaid blouse. Love.
  2. Ralph Lauren green plaid blouse. Replaces one that was frillier (aka better) but that had an uncomfortable neckline.
  3. Equipment red plaid blouse. Silky soft. I want to be wearing it all the time but more of a fall/winter weight.
  4. Ralph Lauren red gingham blouse. Love a good gingham and it's just uncool enough to be cool.
  5. Coach red satchel. Can be cross body or arm length; therefore, good for gallivanting.
  6. Burberry quilted brown bag. Technically luggage but kind of the perfect thing for my fall/winter bag needs.
I love looking for off-season stuff at estate sales. I typically assess my seasonal wear before the season arrives and make sure to look for pieces that might round out my wardrobe. Most people at sales seem more interested in buying for the season we're in so great off-season pieces are easier to find at low prices. The thought of trying on sweaters all summer long might be horrifying but it's worth it when you already have your wardrobe built come fall. This is a little bit the opposite of retail shopping, where seasonal items typically start going on sale right in the middle of the season.

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