Levi's 501s X Lookbook Global Style Party

Last week I went to the Global Style Party at the Wythe Hotel in Williamsburg. I always feel way too old at these kinds of parties and this was no exception but I dragged my husband along, got free jeans for being an early bird (haha), and still had a blast.

So, first things first, here are the jeans:

I scored two pairs because they didn't have any in HusbandFace's size. They didn't have any in my size, either, but I was able to shrink to wearable.

I did the blue and red rhinestones on the cut-offs and my husband did the spikes on the cream pair for me. He looks like a lawyer now but he was a punk in the 90s and early 2000s. In typical SLC Punk* fashion we both grew the eff up. ;) And, you know, got careers and stuff. Anyway, he can still stud like a pro.

The bleaching/drawing station was the most crowded so I actually did this next bit at home:

501s customization

I'm not so interested in having other brands emblazoned on my clothes but I'm totally cool with advertising myself, haha!

I didn't take any pictures of myself or anyone else at the party (I was too busy bedazzling!) and I'm a different kind of cool from the other people there so I doubt anyone else got one either but this is what I wore:

jumpsuit Escada jacket, Pucci scarf from tag sale in Great Neck Coach bag from Macy's in Walt Whitman Mall Burberry Prorsum platform buckle wedges from Nordstrom Rack in Old Westbury kjldknecklace kenneth jay lane zebra bangle craft ram bangle brown panther bangle Lanvin watch from estate sale in Huntington yellow carved bakelite bangle

And how was the Wythe Hotel? Gorgeous. Outside the party all of the staff was amazing, polite, correct. All of the party hosts were wonderful and welcoming, too. Inside, most everyone was great but the bartender was a bit of a bitch. It was a completely open bar, which I didn't realize, so I went to pay, she used a nasty tone to tell me she had no change of a $50, I asked how much the drinks were, she told me it was an open bar. So I pulled out some smaller bills and then, while we were still standing there, she picked up the tip and flared the bills to see how much I left. (She was nicer the next time.) I also inadvertently ate some bacon or pancetta or something (which I don't eat) but that isn't the fault of the hotel, exactly, though I asked about the contents.

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  1. I love the embellishments on the jeans and those bracelets you wore are awesome!

    xo Saretta
    The Lion in Jewels


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