Two Tier Parasol, Crochet Summer Sandals

I wore this outfit to a tag sale and loved it so much (and got so many compliments!) that I decided to wear it again a mere six days later. Don't tell anyone, mkay? This time it was on a marking appointment on Saturday (a rare Saturday off at this point in our season!), which is when we go to the house a day or two before the tag sale to put prices on some of the major pieces and really rearrange everything so it's where we need it for the sale. Also had an initial consultation, which is when we go in to see if there's enough for us to do a sale.

I'm not very keen on getting much direct sunlight on my skin (I wear at least SPF 50 at all times) so parasols play a big role in my warm weather activities. I loved the whimsy of this double-tiered beauty the moment my husband pointed it out to me at a recent tag sale. :) My husband is the best.

Look how cool it is. Plus here's my see-through clutch from Adiel again. Yes, I do always have pain killer in my bag. Tag sales are dangerous business. ;)

I normally prefer a snazzy belt buckle on a simpler belt but sometimes a more ornate belt with a simpler buckle calls out to me. It's a great way to set off the mega statement breastplate necklace. For some reason when I wear this necklace people think it's all right to reach out and touch it. It's probably a little bit comical to watch me jump back all day. People at tag sales touching me without my permission is, for me, right up there with close talkers on Seinfeld. But I love the necklace - a birthday gift from my mother when we were in Houston one November - way too much to stop wearing it.

^Another view of the pretty paper parasol.

Really love these sandals. From a distance they elongate my leg by looking nude. Up close, they're a nice, complicated mess with the crochet work and the lace up back. Always love a horn heel, too.

  1. BDG sweater from Urban Outfitters in Roosevelt Field
  2. Jason Wu for Target Poplin navy dress from Target in Westbury
  3. Double tier paper parasol from an estate sale in Port Washington
  4. Turquoise and coral colored beaded breastplate necklace, gift from a store in Houston
  5. Brass tone belt from tag sale in North Woodmere
  6. See-through envelope clutch from Adiel on Poshmark
  7. Armand Basi crochet sandals, gift
  8. Prada Minimal Baroque swirl sunglasses from a local warehouse via eBay
  9. Cartier Love bracelet, inheritance
double tier paper parasol from tag sale in Port Washington brass tone belt from tag sale in North Woodmere

BDG red sweater from Urban Outfitters in Roosevelt Field Jason Wu for Target Poplin dress from Target in Westbury see-through clutch made by Adiel Prada Minimal Baroque sunglasses from eBay

red & turquoise beaded breastplate necklace Armand Basi shoes, gift from B cartier love bracelet

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  1. Gorgeous outfit and I love that parasol...x

  2. Thanks, Jennie. I was pretty excited when the parasol fell into my lap with no effort whatsoever. ;)

  3. That parasole is so unique...what a find! Also majorily obsessing over that necklace! It's huge, bright and fun...just how I like them!

  4. You like them the way I like them. :) And, right? It's the first I've ever come across with two tiers.

  5. Wow, that parasol is gorgeous- you always have really unique, pretty things! :)

  6. Thank you. That's one of my favorite things about shopping secondhand/vintage, you know?

  7. Delphinaluxe.comJune 10, 2013 at 8:13 PM

    Love this outfit! So well put together, so creative, and very cute! The parasol is amazing.


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