Jewelry Organization

So I've been in the new apartment for a while now but, starting almost from scratch after Sandy, I've been really slow to nest. Even my poor (amazing) jewelry has just kind of been laying where ever. Just in time for IFB Project #92: Show us your jewelry, I gathered it all up to start the organization process...
Okay, so I didn't tackle the biggest project: organizing the massive amount of necklaces and pins I own. Imagine the necklaces on pretty little bird hooks from Urban Outfitters on the wall because that's what I'll do with most of them when I dig out the hooks. ;) Imagine something else genius for the pins. I like my jewelry storage to be as unconventional as my jewelry.

Recently did a tag sale for a gentleman whose father had been a professional baker. At the end of the day this sifter (above) and dough pull (below) hadn't sold and I decided to buy them before our buyout guy came or they went in the junk heap. Cleaning them without a power washer was no small task but I intended them for jewelry the moment I bought them, so I got it done in the tub. I may or may not hang the sifter on the wall - I want everything to stay accessible and some of these earrings have backs. These aren't all of my earrings, naturally. All of the clip-ons, studs, and gold are in a drawer a few pictures down.

Another lady bought the wire whip mixer attachment to turn into a light fixture. How great is that? This dough hook seemed really natural and obvious as a bangle holder and I may store some of my taller hat pins in the hole.
I already had this storage solution for more of my bangles, cuffs, and other bracelets at the old place. Still works great and keeps bracelets very accessible. The bins are, of course, Missoni for Target, and they match my bathroom and bedroom linens perfectly so I can pretty much keep them where ever.

Here are the earrings and rings in drawers. I may do something else with the rings at some point but this keeps most of them corralled in one place for the time being. I keep some of my jewelry (especially gold and pearls and such inherited/gifted from family) in their original boxes.

This is my solution for delicate/thin bracelets that are too hard to see in the storage bins. They're wall mountable, too.
And here's what some of the jewelry looks like. Pretty pretty, non? I now keep all of the Kenneth Jay Lane and other animal bangles on a velvet bracelet stand so they don't bang against each other and lose finish too quickly.

Feels good to get (most of) this monster under control. Where does it all come from? Everywhere and anywhere, especially estate sales. Almost all vintage. :)

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  1. I love your massive jewelry collection! I miss tag sale shopping with my mom mostly for all the amazing jewelry! Genius idea with the dough hook, btw! And I would love to see the light fixture that woman is making....amazing idea!

  2. what about a large thin pillow or non-art quilt in a frame for pins?

  3. Thanks! And this is just the stuff I'm keeping, haha, or at least it's most of the stuff I'm keeping. I bet you and your mom found amazing treasures together. I often do better with a partner in crime keeping an eye out for things I might like. I'd love to see the fixture, too. She only comes to our sales from time to time so I don't know how much luck I'll have but I'll definitely ask for a pic if I see her any time soon. It would be such a great kitchen fixture idea for you, too. It could even be spray painted white if you wanted it to look a little more country or give off whiter light - I think I like it in the natural metal tone, though.

  4. Frames are always too stiff to get the pins in and out of, even with very thick batting, but I like the pillow idea. It's not that different from a pin cushion when you think about it. So I'm seeing a kind of cubish pillow like thing. I could maybe use a styrofoam cube in the center and some stuffing. Maybe velvet fabric?

  5. Also just realized you meant a frame with no backing. That could be workable, especially in a stand instead of mounted on the wall.

  6. Ugh you're talking directly to me. I have absolutely no way of organizing my jewelry. I have all my necklaces hung on the same big ugly thing and all my earrings and rings sitting in a jar together. Thanks for the motivation to figure something out!!

  7. If and when you do, please share!


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