Brooklyn Ballers and Bruno Maglis

I love this outfit because it transitions from day to night with absolutely no effort whatsoever (plus the cashmere dress might as well be pajamas it's so comfy). By day the Nets track jacket dresses it down and by night it looks so not-even-trying-don't-even-care-about-formality cool. And my new see-through clutch, made by my friend Adiel of It's Because I Think Too Much, looks interesting by day and fancy by night. I intended to wear this to a party hosted by tonight but I'm too contagious/sick to stand as close to people as I would have to at such an event. So I wore this running a few minor errands and doing a lot of sleeping, haha. I love it so much that I psyched myself up to do a few quick shots.

Before I continue with the outfit shots, I want to talk about Sick Days. I remember staying home - my mom would take off from work when I was little and then I would be alone starting in junior high - watching The Price is Right and many hours of terrible soap operas. So I'm pretty thrilled I'm doing a "Bold & Beautiful" theme for my Posh Party. Here's to high drama and shoulder pads so big you can take a nap on them. ;)

Okay, back to this outfit.


cheap seats



clear and present

  1. Brooklyn Nets track jacket, gift from Hubbs, purchased at Modell's outside the stadium, I think.
  2. Karoo by Mark Eisen cashmere dress from tag sale.
  3. Bruno Magli bow pumps from tag sale in Sands Point.
  4. See-through clutch made by Adiel, via Poshmark.
  5. Bracelets, including Cartier, Bakelite, and Donald Stannard, via various estate sales and inheritances.
  6. Sterling ring from sjaramillo3 on Poshmark.

Karoo by Mark Eisen cashmere slip dress Bruno Magli bow pumps from tag sale in Sands Point Mexican asymmetrical face earrings craft ram bangle brown panther bangle Donald Stannard rams head cuff from tag sale in Port Washington. Wood tone tiger bangle from tag sale in Sea Cliff silver and turquoise ring from sjaramillo3 on Poshmark

see-through clutch made by Adiel

Brooklyn Nets track jacket from Hubbs yellow carved bakelite bangle cartier love bracelet

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  1. Those shoes! I love them!

  2. Love love love! Hope you get feeling better!

  3. Thanks. :) Much better today, plus now I have sexy Kathleen Turner voice.

  4. Thanks, lady. Everyone check out Kristina's etsy. I've already purchased from her and love the cute vase I got.

  5. I love everything you are wearing, but the shoes are the stars of the ensemble.

  6. Love how you wore all these pieces together! I know I sure wouldn't be able to pull it off. Cashmere dress, though? Sign me up! And I love the shoes!

    I was going to go to the Lookbook party too, but I ended up getting a horrible migraine...oh well!

  7. How funny! I was maybe going to go to the Material Wrld swap on the 28th but we booked a sale so no dice.

  8. Bummer! I was thinking of going to that as well & was going to ask if you were going


Let's dance.