Sweater Dress & Tights

Bought this fabulous beaded sweater dress from the lovely Sheela Goh via her Poshmark closet. She's way famous on Poshmark. :) Can you imagine a more perfectly nutty sweater dress for me to own? Several old ladies told me they liked my shirt, which I think may have been their subtle way of indicating this dress is too short, haha. They did sound genuine, though, so perhaps it was an unconscious prejudice against the length. Perfect.


I have a difficult time smiling in posed snapshots, I'm sure you've noticed. Luckily someone happened by my wide open ground floor window and peeked in right at this moment. There's a new addition to my animal bangles: the wood-toned second from the top. It weighs half what the enamel bracelets weigh so it's a welcome addition to the party.


Back to serious face. And can we talk for a moment about how freaking much I love my Prada dream shoes: the rubber-dipped Mary Janes? I wanted the red, but they were completely sold out well before I'd saved up enough money to buy them. The gray have a little more versatility, perhaps. (Except I use red as a neutral in my wardrobe.) The truth is I'd be happy to have these in every color. What could be better than a high heel with traction for walking in the snow and rain? (I've done it multiple times in these.)


I had, in fact, just come in from the slushy rain when I took these photos. This jacket is what I wore outside. It's rabbit with leather contrast stripes. Old and accidentally on trend-ish. It keeps me super warm nosing around in people's garages and basements all day.

  • Bomb Boogie rabbit & leather jacket from tag sale in Port Washington
  • beaded sweater dress from @sheelagoh on Poshmark
  • floral tights from TJ Maxx in New Hyde Park
  • Prada rubber-dipped Mary Janes from
  • DKNY pony hair bag swapped from @sjaramillo3 on Poshmark
  • Kenneth Jay Lane for Avon panther necklace from tag sale in East Meadow
  • bangles from various estate sales
  • Cartier Love bracelet, inherited
Bomb Boogie rabbit & leather jacket from tag sale in Port Washington craft ram bangle Wood tone tiger bangle from tag sale in Sea Cliff les bernard camel bangle brown panther bangle Donald Stannard rams head cuff from tag sale in Port Washington. Kenneth Jay Lane for Avon panther necklace from tag sale in East Meadow

Prada rubber dipped mary janes from S5A online beaded sweater dress from sheelagoh on Poshmark floral tights from TJMaxx in New Hyde Park

DKNY black pony hair bag

cartier love bracelet


  1. More than a sweater is a wonderful dress.
    Lovely outfit indeed.

  2. Fame is overrated plus, you're the one with close to 11k followers, so who's on the fame train now, huh :) you look scrumpdeliciously eclectic and fabulously put together. I like. Also, I want all your jewellery, 'kay? Just putting it out there.

    xo Sheela xo

    1. Haha, I do have a lot of followers, it's true. My sister-in-law and I have a bit together about "way famous". I'll explain it in person some time! We'll go to some tag sales and you'll find magic jewelry.


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