Review: Illamasqua Speckled Nail Varnish in Mottle

Y'all. I saw this in a local Sephora the other day (you can get it with my affiliate link here) and bought it on the spot. How great will these be for Easter egg fun? Last night I put it on and fell asleep while it was drying. When I woke up this morning I was still in love.

The Details
  • Beautiful application with two thin layers (though one thick one could have done it for a slightly sheer effect).
  • The speckles do not get lost in the polish and you do not have to struggle to get them to deposit on your nail.
  • Nails really do look like little speckled eggs, probably even more so if you don't square yours off like I do with mine.
  • Dries quickly enough that if you accidentally fall asleep 20 minutes after you put them on you won't ruin them. ;)
I'm wearing Illamasqua base and top coats. I'm cleaning up the imperfections as I write this but I was too excited about this polish to wait, haha. I'm definitely going to look for the sold out blue and lilac.


  1. I love Illamasqua and own a few shades BUT this weekend, hopefully if le rash disappears, I'm going all out for the Phallus shade GRIN

    1. The blue shade? (Phallic.) SO right for you! Do it!

  2. I completely forgot to comment on this last night, but I absolutely loved this! So pretty and fun & perfect for spring!

    1. Thanks, and isn't it? Illamasqua polishes might be a splurge for some people but I think they're well worth the cost.


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