Red Flannel & Low Vintage Patchwork Skirt

Sometimes your cat wants to play right the hell now, even if you're trying to take pictures of yourself in your skirt that you bought like forever ago at Low Vintage in Virginia. To be fair to your cat, you've just come home and only looked at her eating her food in her food bowl like three times. But to be fair to you, you bought this skirt in the summer, had to put things in storage, and only just rediscovered your skirt here at the end of the winter.


It is possible to compromise and do both of the things that need doing but it means you do both less well.

soft underbelly

Until you agree to give in and do "Soooooooo big" with your cat. She always wins, doesn't she?

heart of glass

This is what my amazing new bar looks like with the bar open. I'll do some more detail shots in a loot post. Also, Arsenic is still right next to me. I just moved to barely in frame. (Apparently one round of "Soooooooo big" is not sufficient.)


I wanted mega fancy (read: blinging) costume jewelry with all this casual fabric. It needed some contrast. (The shoes were purely practical. It was raining and we had a lot to move around at a staging/picture appointment and I didn't feel up to fielding all the questions about how I was doing it all in high heels. I'm comfier doing it in the heels, though.)

let me reverse it

These earrings are so super fancy, no? But (you may have noticed from the redness of my ear) they're still a little tight. Time to do some adjusting. The necklace has an inscription on the back:

Thank You
Corona PTA

Gotta love the good old days when the PTAs gifted beautiful Mexican sterling to the people they wished to thank.

  • Forever 21 black & red flannel via clothing swap
  • Vintage patchwork wool skirt with bow via Low Vintage
  • Doc Martens from DSW
  • vintage jewelry via various estate sales

F21 red & black flannel from tag sale in Long Beach sterling stone Mexican pendant necklace Kenneth Jay Lane for Avon bracelet from tag sale in East Meadow Prince Kamy-Yar earrings from tag sale in Woodbury

patchwork skirt from Low Vintage in VA pewter Dr. Martens from DSW in Old Westbury


  1. Fantastic clash of prints and textures.
    I love bold jewellery so much.
    You are always such an inspiration, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    1. Thank you so much Sacramento. (And as are you.)

  2. Both you and the cat look beautiful and have such perfekt skin/fur

  3. Sometimes my cats get so upset when I am taking blog photos! They insist on being inside the frame but refuse to look at all cute while doing it (or at least hold still so they are not blurry!). Sometimes I shut them in the bedroom, then major yelling ensues (on their part). :)

    Your blingy earrings are totally amazing!!

  4. Who's the cutest kitty in the picture?


Let's dance.