Recent Loot - Bar, Clock, Georges Briard Glasses

It's been a while since I mentioned what I've been buying. Well, the main thing is this bar/stereo cabinet. It was full of stereo equipment which we opted to remove. We also removed the speakers (to make it lighter to move) and then didn't put them back in as they weren't high quality enough to be worth saving. The bottom left (empty in the photo) now houses records. The open top above it is also full of records until I pare down the records and (eventually) put a TV there.

The middle cabinet is full of liquor. It has a pull-out shelf which was no longer attached to its rails. I'll repair eventually but the liquor is heavy enough to keep it on the rails for now. The liquor is in my Altuzarra tray! It fits perfectly in there. The right cabinet (with the stereo frame) is now the home of four or five bottles of wine. I love the way they look inside the stereo frame (and the piece would probably have unfinished edges if I removed it) so it stays.

Inside the plastic frosted door is all my Mikasa wine/champagne/martini glasses and a couple of miscellaneous rocks glasses. The drawers have coasters, bottle openers, that kind of stuff. And then PRETTY STUFF everywhere else.

I have the glasses that came with the bar (cute but not complete) for now but I'm going to be replacing them with Georges Briard. I have three so far:


They coordinate with that awesome fire hydrant liquor dispenser my friend Justin gave me. I'll probably mix and match with other patterns, too.

Then there was this awesome (but broken) clock:

Untitled Untitled

I have some electricity to learn so I can try to fix it. And then some of the usual stuff:

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  • Little people on a big necklace. You know how I do.
  • A bag that's missing its strap but that I loved to death. Will have to get/make a strap.
  • A cute frog pendant. Maybe not big enough for me so may end up in my Poshmark Closet.
  •  A giant necklace full of monkeys and leopard heads. No brainer.
  • I'm hopeless. If someone makes a cuff that looks like they threw metal balls on it and waited for the balls to melt, I'm sold.
  • Had to have the matching earrings, too.
  • 80s deco clip-ons. Just big enough.
  • Going to start a skinny bangle collection. My MIL has been working on one for a while, too, so this collection will probably grow slowly.
  • Isadora necklace. Still left over at the end of the day and I could not NOT buy it. ;)
  • Little egg cups. With monkeys on them. I don't really intend to serve people eggs in little cups but these are cute for condiments or when I want to have five kinds of salt on the table. (ALL of the time.)
  • Plaid. Cape. A little too Right Now to wear right now but will be perfect next winter. I don't know. Maybe I love it too much to not wear it once at winter's curtain call.
  • A peplum cocktail gown. Would need to alter down the bust so I'm contemplating not keeping it.
And I also got this camera with mold on the inside that I'll be showing how to clean in an upcoming post:


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