Leopard Belt and Plaid Blouse

You know how some people have trouble enjoying Sunday because it's the day before Monday? That's a little bit what spring is like for me. The weather is perfect in theory (and I really do love the beginning of spring when there's still a delicious hint of bite in the air but it's nice enough to eat outside) but my mind keeps telling me The Much Dreaded Summer is coming. Inevitably every home we're in all summer will have recently broken air conditioning (which never gets fixed... I guess it doesn't get inspected on the walk-through?) and I'll have to fight off heat stroke while giving a line of 20 people prices.

So I may bust out the pretty riot of spring colors later in the season but right now it's time to take a somber minute to mark the change of season with some clothes that probably look more appropriate for fall. That's how I roll.

This belt is a big time old favorite and I love the way this nautical chain necklace works in any season:

There's Arsenic sneaking into my photos, wondering what the heck I'm doing again. May be time to make the effort to take pictures when I'm outside.

and so it goes

entre nous



I wore this on appointments, and then out to dinner at Carmine's 91st with friends. I thought sizing up a bunch in the shirt would make the high neck bearable (love how it looks) but the whole time I was feeling like something was on my neck. Which it was. This isn't the kind of thing that bothers people who aren't crazy in the neck, so you can buy this shirt in my Poshmark closet now.

  • Ralph Lauren puff sleeve plaid blouse (available in size 8 here)
  • Social Collision studded skinny jeans from drs645 on Poshmark
  • Senso pewter wedges from
  • Leopard belt buckle from tag sale in Great Neck
  • Chain necklace from tag sale in Bayside
  • Coyote tooth sterling and gold ring from tag sale in Oceanside

Ralph Lauren plaid puff sleeve blouse Social Collision jeans from drs645 on Poshmark leopard belt buckle nautical chain necklace from tag sale in Bayside Coyote tooth #vintage ring. #jewelry

Senso pewter wedges from

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  1. I love your blouse, pity that it is so small, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    1. Ah, yes, if the blouse would have fit you, I would have happily sent it! Can't give up the belt, though. :)

  2. This tartan shirt makes you look so...well royal and the booties just add to that.I bet you will look lovely in the summer even if the weather challenges your sanity.

    1. Aw, thanks so much. No complaints (never ever!) about looking royal. ;)

  3. I am most definitely one of those people who can't enjoy Sunday because the next day is Monday so I can understand dreading summer if you know you have to work in air-conditioning free places...painful! Keep those breezy light pieces coming haha

    BTW, that belt is super rad!!

    1. Yeah, summer is pretty painful in NY even WITH AC. Thanks for the commiseration. :)


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