Inside the tag sale number system


Our number system is one that has been developed largely by customers who have been attending our sales for decades. We honor their system outside the house and have explained its rules below. Our system inside the house has developed from the melding of our preferences and theirs.

We may change or addend these rules at any time.

Starting the numbers
  1. Whoever wants to be first in line and shows up first starts the numbers. Many people use calendars to tear off numbers, many simply write numbers on a sheet of paper and tear them off. Some people print them out. All of these are fine with us.
  2. Whoever starts the numbers must stay at the house with the numbers until the sale starts. If they have given out numbers to anyone else, they cannot leave unless they find someone to take over.
  3. Whoever starts the numbers can withhold numbers for anyone who has agreed to take a shift handing out the numbers but cannot withhold numbers for anyone else.
  4. Whoever starts the numbers must remain in a prominent spot right outside the house (or right outside the gate in the event of a gated community that cannot be entered until a certain time) so no one accidentally starts a second set of numbers.
  5. Whoever starts the numbers must remain respectful of the neighborhood by being quiet and keeping their mess contained to their vehicle.
  6. It is not required, but anyone who would like to is welcome to call or text Ronnie at 516.428.3025 to let her know they started the numbers. Do not call before 7AM or after 9PM.

Taking a number/forming the line
  1. Anyone who takes a number is allowed to leave so long as they return 10 minutes before the sale starts.
  2. Anyone who is not in the correct spot in line when their number is called has to go to the back of the line.
  3. Anyone who arrives after the starter runs out of numbers can continue to queue behind the numbered shoppers. If the sale hasn't opened yet, all numbered shoppers can get in their correct numbered spot in front of unnumbered shoppers.
  4. When conflicts arise between regulars and shoppers who have not read these rules, we will do our best to mediate but will favor those who act in accord with these rules.
  5. Please remember that whoever starts the numbers is doing a lot of work just to have the CHANCE to buy things first. There is no guarantee they will go home with what they wanted if they can't reach an agreeable price. So be respectful of their time.

Inside the home
  1. If you are number one and want the chance to buy a variety of items, please announce what they are to Ronnie right away and then immediately discuss them so she can move on to the next customer as needed. You can do your general browsing AFTER arriving at an agreement about the specific items that interest you.
  2. If you are not first in line, and the first person is discussing something you're interested in, let Ronnie know you want to be next in line and she will take all interested parties in the order they express interest until the items are gone.
  3. Do not push past someone who was before you in the numbers if they are heading to the same place you are.
  4. Even if you are not first in line, express your interest in something specific to Ronnie before you go look at it so someone does not express their interest to Ronnie before you do. Ronnie is ultimately in charge of everything so anyone who expresses their interest to her first will be honored first. If there are any exceptions to this rule, Ronnie will make them clear to you when you express interest to her.
  5. Typically, at least ten people will be allowed in right away. Small items that are out and about (not gathered by Ronnie) are available to the first person who picks them up. If you wanted the item, hang around for a bit to see if the person agrees to our price. We will do our best to discuss price sooner than later. As the flow allows, we let more people in. The first people may not agree to our prices, so don't fear that if you have a higher number there will be nothing left for you.
That's it! Other companies may have other rules; this is just how we (Gold Coast Tag Sales) do it.

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  1. LuckyRabbit EstateSalesJune 3, 2013 at 10:08 AM

    I love how your lay it out Ali, Fantastic!

  2. Thanks, guys. So far so good with less conflict now that we have them written down. :)


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