How to Wear Peplum: A Curvy Girl's Guide

I hear all the time that curvier girls can't wear peplum and I'm hear to call bull on that today. You may have noticed I'm pretty tiny on top but super curvy on bottom. Pear-shaped.

And I look AMAZING in peplum. The right peplum. It can be incredibly useful for disguising an unbalanced shape like mine but even curvy girls with a more balanced shape can wear it. I buy peplum for clients in a variety of shapes ALL the time.

There are three really simple rules to be aware of:

Wearing: Prabal Gurung for Target peplum top; Jeffrey Campbell rainbow snakeskin wedges; two pencil skirts you won't be able to find anywhere else because I got them at tag sales years ago.

1. Balance. You need to make sure you're balancing the peplum with extra width somewhere else. Here, the sleeves perfectly balance the width of the ruffle (and bonus: they cover up a part of my arms that aren't my most favorite). If you already have strong, wide shoulders you may not need to create balance with sleeves. Lucky bitch. ;)

2. Definition. You need to make absolutely certain that the waist (where the peplum typically starts on a top) actually hits you at your waist. If you're busty and it's hitting you too high, it isn't going to create the flattering waist-defining effect. Size up and tailor down or try a different peplum top.

3. Length. Find a peplum that comes right to hip level. When it comes to hip level it gives you that perfect hourglass shape. If it's not long enough, again, size up and tailor down.

I have a preference for sleek on bottom with peplum but a bunch of other skirt shapes will work well, too. Just experiment. Now get wearing!

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  1. Emma also look AMAZING in a peplum.... but she loos amazing in anything! haha

    1. So true. Even footie pajamas. Madison could rock peplum, too, is my point. :)

  2. Love both options.
    You are a genius.


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