Missoni, Givenchy, Celine




Missoni sheer tunic top from FOREVER ago at a tag sale in Old Westbury; H&M skinny jeans from a tag sale in Port Washington; Celine belt from a tag sale in Woodbury; Springbok fur bag from a tag sale in Dix Hills, Senso wedges from; Givenchy necklace from a tag sale in East Meadow; turquoise bracelet from a tag sale in East Hills.

Didn't I say I was going to wear the heck out of these jeans? They're in that perfect state of disrepair. I'll be on the lookout for jeans I can patch together with these to make new Frankenjeans at an upcoming clothing swap. I did get a new pair of skinnies via Poshmark but they won't have that nice worn in feeling for a while.

These are all pieces I've had for a while now. Always feels good to reach for things in the "back" of the closet. (I don't actually have a back in any of my closets, just one row in each.) Also good to have things that work in my closet for a long time. I don't mind a few trendy, fast fashion pieces here and there, but mostly I want to be building a(n admittedly huge) forever wardrobe, you know?

Missoni earth tone sheer tunic from tag sale in Old Westbury H&M skinny jeans from tag sale in Port Washington Celine belt from tag sale in Woodbury springbok fur hawk bag from tag sale in Dix Hills givenchy brown links necklace turquoise bracelet from tag sale in East Hills

Senso pewter wedges

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  1. Wonderful ensemble and clash of colours and texture,ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh


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