Jeans tucked into socks, lace sweater

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one last caress

Peekaboo lace sweater from tag sale in Lloyd Harbor; H&M skinny jeans from tag sale in Port Washington; springbok bag from tag sale in Dix Hills; Jeffrey Campbell Bronte platforms; jewelry including Bakelite, Donald Stannard, cinnabar from various tag sales and gifts.

Wore this to lunch with a friend at Premier Diner in Commack. I read on a menswear blog (which one escapes me) that tucking your pants into your socks is a thing right now. That sounded just nutty enough for me to give it a try. I went with some rugby socks I stole from my Hubbs a long time ago, echoed the colors in the bangles, and sexed it back up a bit with the see-through top and platform oxfords. Not that Commack is a town renowned for its style, but socks on top of pants goes over well there. I got multiple style props from the people in the diner.

These jeans need some serious TLC or some serious replacements or both. Therefore I will be wearing the heck out of them.

peekaboo lace sweater from tag sale in Lloyd Harbor H&M skinny jeans from tag sale in Port Washington fur hawk bag from tag sale in Dix Hills cinnabar dragon bangles yellow carved bakelite bangle hammered brass bangle Donald Stannard rams head cuff from tag sale in Port Washington. gold swirl breastplate necklace

Jeffrey Campbell Bronte oxfords from


  1. Oh, that necklace is amazing! It's giving me ancient Egypt/Mayan culture vibes! :)

    1. Thanks. Maybe I should do an Elizabeth Taylor-esque Cleopatra for Halloween this year. :)


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