My Bathroom

Work on my new apartment has been slow. Moving in the middle of the storm made it hard to stay organized, we have so little of our furniture left, and I've been balancing holiday expenses and apartment expenses. But I did get the bathroom mostly done because all I had to buy were some shelves, a waste bin, towels, and a shower curtain. Everything else was safely waiting in storage.

Before, we had no hot water post-Sandy and we were drying out Eric's drum equipment and bags in the tub. We also only had a liner in the shower.

We found a shower curtain and I unpacked my Missoni for Target bath mat.

This storage unit with bins came from Bed Bath & Beyond. I had it before I had the bath mat. The bath mat just incidentally tied my bathroom colors (green and pink major colors and purple and brown minor colors) together perfectly and added some fun new ones. The black and green Armondos in love were a gift from my SM.

I found a home for my $10 Mistinguett poster (from this loot post).

Even my robe fits into the bathroom color scheme. I think I got this simple over-the-door rack from Amazon. The acrylic shelves are from The Container Store. I live dangerously close to The Container Store.

It's difficult to pick up the detail in the shower curtain but it's a floral cut-out pattern.

Some details. I've had this Waterford creamer for a while and I don't really serve myself creamer so often so it was re-purposed as a container in the bathroom. The unicorn stand is from a tag sale sometime last summer. I like the way the shape of the unicorns echoes the shape of the toothpicks.

The towels on the left will eventually be replaced with more bath sheets. We've been testing out the two on the right to see which brand we prefer. We have two of each and I will likely buy two more of the brand we prefer in a shade of pink. The pink bowl and sushi dishes used to be part of my kitchen dishes before I went in a more country direction. Since taking this picture I also draped the Missoni for Target baby blanket in the Mistinguett shot on the corner shelf under the magazine bowl. I installed these shelves all by myself. With a drill and screw anchors and screws and everything! I'm me so these walls will probably get more crowded than they are right now.

Lalique lion bowl and Missoni for Target wine glass as toothbrush holder.

Soapstone and bud vases above the medicine cabinet.

Lalique bell and perfume bottle. This hideous light fixture has to go but I'm still deciding what to replace it with.

My trash bin, echoing the cut-outs in the curtain. I'm still working on how to get that hideous stain off the bottom of the toilet tank. It has no glaze so I think I might be SOL. The bathroom was in a pretty sorry state when we got our key.

This soap smells so nice that I never want to use it. #crazypants

This frog soap on a rope was a gift from my sister-in-law, Lara.

Swarovski owl and Armondo next to my Wedgwood bobby pin jar.

Odds and ends collected in my re-purposed pink porcelain cigarette holder and ashtray.

Because it's not easy to reach the door (where the towels we are presently reusing go) from the shower, I installed this hook for us to hang our towel when we are in the shower. Also with anchors and everything!

I like for as many of the toiletries and cleaning supplies as possible to match the bathroom. I also like to keep the cleaning supplies right in the shower so I can clean the shower every time I'm in it. The window in the shower has a big ledge but I haven't figured out what I want to put there yet. I don't mind wiping down the shower surfaces but I hate wiping down all the little things I use in the shower. Hence, tension rod wire basket storage thing. If I can figure out something pretty or useful to put on the window ledge that doesn't drastically increase my time spent drying things, bully for me.

And this is my amazing shower head by Delta. It has a motor in it so I can leave the water efficiency thing intact but still have nice hard shower pressure.

The bathroom feels like home. I'm working on our bedroom now.


  1. I like what you've done with the space! Lots of storage is always nice! The unicorns are rad and I thank my lucky stars that it's a huge trek to get to the closest The Container Store.

    1. Thanks. And, haha, already thinking of just adding them to my payroll.

  2. I want that pink cigarette holder/ashtray! Adorable. It matches some of my pink glassware from my grandmother. For the stain on the toilet: Have you tried white vinegat? SOAK papertowels in vinegar and leave them on the surface for at least 10-30 minutes. Then wipe down and scrub again with straight vinegar. You can add some essential oils to it to lessen the acrid smell. I clean everything with vinegar and apple cider vinegar (wood); it's environmentally a better choice and works a hell of a lot better than store bought cleaners. And if that doesn't work, I envision you creating a toilet skirt that of course has all the right colors, patterns, material, cut, etc.

    1. Isn't it cute? Unfortunately I dropped it and broke it. :( Vinegar is a good suggestion. I often use it to clean the kitchen but not the bathroom. I will try it, thanks! I try to use natural stuff whenever possible (it has the added benefit of being very inexpensive, too!) because I'm incredibly sensitive to scents and natural products often smell milder. I do kind of have a crush on the toilet skirt idea but the trash pail is too close to it and my husband tends to throw "approximately" in the trash. :)


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