What's going on post-Sandy

Happy Thanksgiving! A quick update from me. I lived in Seaford Harbor. My area was crippled by Superstorm Sandy and I don't have to imagine how much worse it has been for people in ocean-adjacent areas. I've seen it. In the middle of the aftermath (which was, in many ways, far worse than the storm itself) I moved to Carle Place. I won't have internets until most existing customers have been serviced (which is, apparently, November 29th). I've seen some unspeakably bad things and also some evidence that humanity isn't so bad.

I've been splitting my time between tag sale work and trying to help some of the people so deeply affected by Sandy. If you have any clothes you'd like to go to real people in the Long Island, Staten Island, and New Jersey areas, you can email me at If you have high-end items that you would like me to sell to donate some or all of the money to the cause, you can also email me at

There's still a lot of recovery to do but I hope to be back to regular blog posting on or after the 29th. I mostly stayed in during the storm and don't want to sensationalize the destruction too much, but here are some of my Instagrams from the storm.

Water slide. #hurricanesandy
Water level starting to rise.

Gazebo out back half submerged. Candles lit just in case.
Gazebo out back halfway submerged.
Last night. #hurricanesandy #lighting
Hurricane lighting.
The "water slide" tipped over and crashed into the house. #hurricanesandy #effects
Capsized and crashed.
Tried to get my printer going at Starbucks but it wouldn't connect to the xfinity network. Emailed La instead!
Trying in vain to print things at Starbucks.
A light. On. Magic.
We no longer live in darkness.
Making lunch with what's available. Hope I'm not drinking plastic.
But I still have no pots or utensils.
Hastily drawn, totally not to scale layout of my new apartment.
I do a hasty sketch of my new apartment.
Fur coat, you were made for days like these. Thanks for keeping me warm while I cleaned all the snow off the car with a piece of cardboard and my hands to get the Hubbs to work on time.
I bundle up to clean snow off my car.
My wedding boots. Still kicking.
I am reunited with my wedding boots.
The house had to be inspected as not condemned for them to even get LIPA to come try to turn the power on. #sandy #effects
I visit Seaford, where generators & inspections abound.
Eggs and butter: no longer mythical here. #sandy
We have access to real foodstuffs again.
Off to a family with three girls who lost all their clothes. If you need help matching your donations to real people, hit me up. #sandy
I start donating stuff.

A couple snaps with my camera, too:

Fire Department tries to handle some destroyed boats littering the road a few yards up.

News crews survey the area.
A huge line of people come to see their destroyed boats and homes.
Coffee klatsch.
Fire Department gives up, tries to locate marina employee. Everyone departs.

And one quick outfit shot from before the storm, when things were pretty sunny.


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