21 Tag Sale Essentials

I thought it might be fun to do the tag sale equivalent of "What's In My purse." (Though many people have done these, mine is inspired by Listing to the Side.) So here are 21 things that come with us to every sale we coordinate. These aren't the only 21 things, just some of the important ones.
  1. Masking tape. It's safe on most surfaces, it's a neutral color. We use it to tape off anywhere off limits to the customers, we use it to hang our signs, we use it to mark sold furniture for pick-up.
  2. Gold testing kit. The difference between gold and not is a couple of zeros, so we always want to be sure what we're selling. It can also be used to test silver but we haven't found the results to be conclusive.
  3. Twine. When people come to a tag sale, they're looking for a deal and we're looking for them to get that big furniture out ASAP. Tossing it on top of their SUV and tying it in place is commonplace.
  4. Furniture sliders. Not always a necessity when moving furniture, but sometimes these babies make life a million times easier and they take up much less room than a dolly.
  5. Blue painter's tape. We use this to call attention to multi-levels in rooms, easy to miss steps, anything someone might trip over.
  6. Jewelry scale. For weighing gold. When silver is high, for weighing silver, too. Some jewelry is sold for weight, some isn't, but we always make sure we're not selling anything way under weight.
  7. Furniture correcting markers. We whip these out any time we need to demonstrate to someone that the imperfections they see in a piece are easy to camouflage.
  8. Sharpie markers. For writing prices on our signs, for writing on masking tape, for marking receipts paid.
  9. Sinus medicine, pain killer. In the cleanest of homes, we stir up a lot of dust. Sometimes conditions are a little ickier and we need this stuff to get through the day.
  10. Labels. Our main color is yellow at Gold Coast Tag Sales but we have the other two colors for when the families need different inventories for different items.
  11. Receipt books. These might be our most important supplies of all. Many companies don't use receipt books; we find them indispensable.
  12. Flashlight. We don't use this often because we're all the grab-the-bull-by-the-horns & stick-our-hands-in-dark-holes types. But sometimes we wish we'd used the flashlight first.
  13. Envelopes. Nice for giving the clients the money and receipts at the end of the day.
  14. Jewelry tags. When we have a lot of gold, we price it all with these jewelry tags. Sometimes we write secret codes on the back to keep track of inventory, gold prices, etc.
  15. Measuring tape. People are looking for specific things to fill specific spaces but many don't bring their own measuring tape.
  16. Rubber bands. Useful for making piles of money so they don't have to be counted again and again.
  17. Vinyl gloves. Another thing we don't use often. But nice to have in especially dirty basements.
  18. Pens. Many people will use whatever pen is handed to them, but I am extremely particular about pens. I make Ronnie buy these exact Bic pens. I throw a tantrum when we can't find them. They have the exact correct amount of inkiness for writing on our receipt books.
  19. Receipt receiving bin. We used to keep all our copies of our receipts in a haphazard pile next to the cash register. It was a mess. Now we don't know how we ever lived without the bin.
  20. Magnifier/loupe. So people can verify markings on objects.
  21. Adding machine with tape. For tallying receipts.
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  1. So interesting! I especially love all those uses for masking tape.

    Re. 18, I totally also have a preferred ball point. Mine are the fine point RSVP in green - I don't grade papers using anything else.

    1. I always loved those Pentel RSVP pens for taking notes (because they had the exact correct weightiness) when I was a secretary. Mine had to be blue or black - less fun.

      I find a roll of masking tape around my arm (just above my elbow) oddly comforting. So, you know, it's also a security blanket.


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