Illamasqua Rubber Nail Varnish Review

My friend Adiel mentioned on Facebook that she wanted to try these Illamasqua rubber-finish nail polishes and, as a devoted fan of Illamasqua in general, I had to pick them up right away. Here are some quick swatches:

I bought Aorta and Nurture right away, loved them, and bought Prosperity, Serenity, Optimist, and Devotee immediately after. In these swatches, I added a glitter polish, a regular shiny polish, a matte polish and an Illamasqua shiny polish to compare them to.

Here they are four days later:

All of these have base coats and none have top coats. All except the glitter are two easy coats. I did most of the rubber polishes on my left hand so I may have been less hard on them, but they lasted better than the other polishes with no top coat. That's great news since a top coat would ruin the finish. The weird texture you see on the green nail is where I painted a stripe over the green with a matte top coat. (The finish didn't look any different.) I also put a shiny top coat stripe and it looked very different initially and then started to blend in over the course of the four days.

The verdict: The Illamasqua rubber finish is somewhere between traditional shiny and matte polishes. It's very smooth when you run your finger over it and it's very pigmented. If you want to push your manicure a week or longer, this might not be the polish for you, but if you don't mind touching up or changing every three days or so, it's nice that it's so quick and easy to put on.

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