Free People Romper, More Turban Love, More Minimal Baroques


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Staring at Stars sheer floral duster from Urban Outfitters, gift; Free People New Romantics Love Me Do Romper from Free People in Roosevelt Field; gold turban from Just Liv on Etsy; Prada Minimal Baroque sunglasses; sterling and enamel necklace from an estate sale in Flushing; vintage orange egg cocktail ring from a tag sale in Plainview.

This romper was so impractical I had to have it. I was with Hubbs the first time I tried it on, he told me it was impractical (like that was a bad thing, ha), I went home with other stuff, I told him I was going to sneak back to Roosevelt Field and buy it. And then I went back to Roosevelt Field and bought it. I work hard to fulfill my promises.

I have some higher heels in storage that would have been better for this outfit and I am so going to get them out before the next time I wear this. My shoes and I are having separation anxiety.

vintage orange egg cocktail ring sterling silver swirled enamel pendant necklace

Free People onesie prada minimal baroque sunglasses gold turban from etsy

Staring at Stars sheer duster from Urban Outfitters

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