6 Step DIY Bracelet for the DIY Challenged (Like Me)

I've had these strawberries sitting in a pile on my floor for the longest time. Why? Because I'm lazy and I didn't want to go out and buy my own elastic. I wanted to wait until the day I happened upon some at a tag sale. That day finally came (actually, my sister-in-law found it at a tag sale for me, even better) and so now I have made these strawberry charms into a bracelet.

And here's how you do it. Are you really ready for something this easy?
  1. Gather some charms you like. For this size and desired density of charms, I put about 50 on there. I might add some green leaves if I ever happen upon them later. Also I might one day come across some elastic that is gold and that will be superior to this white stuff, but this has nothing to do with this "tutorial."
  2. Buy some elastic or wait for it to magically fall into your lap like I did. I didn't personally worry about the elasticity of the elastic and, if you're as DIY challenged as I am, you shouldn't worry about it either.
  3. Thread all your charms on the elastic, periodically checking how the density looks when it's wrapped around your wrist. Trim your elastic. Don't worry too much about the correct length.
  4. Optional: Tie off the ends so all your "hard" work doesn't come undone when you take a drink break.
  5. Stretch the elastic slightly through the charms and tie that bad boy off with as many knots as you feel can safely be hidden inside your charms. Don't worry about making the knots super tight as long as you can't see a hole in them. Trim the ends again if they're showing.
  6. Put your bracelet on and sing your own praises to as many people as will listen.


Let's dance.