St. John & The Biggest Floppy Hat EVER

A few recent purchases.

Found this adorable St. John Evening dress at a tag sale last weekend. And this floppy hat with a brim so wide it doesn't just border on ridiculous - it jumps squarely into the middle of that territory - is something I've been looking for at every TJMaxx & Marshall's I came across for a while. I had seen a broken one at a TJM two weeks ago and I was going to buy it, anyway, until I saw the checkout line and had to dash to an appointment. This one was waiting at the Marshall's/HomeGoods in Woodbury, obviously meant just for me, right in "The Cube" and it was on clearance. Score! I think these two pieces will be really cute together.

I told you it was The Biggest EVER!

This gorgeous vintage lamb and fur jacket was from a sale in Great Neck. It needs some (expensive) work but I thought it was so darn cute it was worth it. It wasn't intentional, but I've got a total black and white theme going on here. Sometimes that happens. La forza del destino.

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