Nautical Military Gypsy Mash

LB boat

ring deet
Kenneth Jay Lane ring

eye love you
When I'm on appointments or errands, I am Never Ever without my Copco cold drink cup.

shoe bag deet
The army duffel I got at a recent tag sale (and my Lanas).

the shot
Apparently this girl here will eff you up. I don't know why I'm always wanting to eff people up when I pose for pictures.

Hubbs was on photo duty for me so a back shot happened.

earring deet
This is my Eric Geist lizard earring. I wear him a lot.

collar deet
Got this awesome collar via the Poshmark iPhone App. Sign up with code HBCVC and get a $5 credit!

Method dolman sleeve cardigan from shop in Houston, TX; Michael Stars striped three-quarter sleeve top from tag sale in Long Beach; red scalloped shorts from Urban Outfitters in Roosevelt Field Mall; Jeffrey Campbell red leather Lanas from Karmaloop; gold turban from Etsy; US Army backpack from tag sale in Baldwin; feather earrings from a swap; collar brooch from Poshmarker; Kenneth Jay Lane bling ring from tag sale in Lake Success.

I'm so not a fan of summer weather, but I'm a big fan of being tag sale busy all the time. This week my sister-in-law and I have a sale under our own company (Silver Tag Sales). If you live near the Long Island area, come visit us in Albertson on Saturday. We have a LeCoultre Atmos clock, some nice art, and TONS of jewelry!

I swear I wear clothes on days other than EBEW days but I only seem to get around to blogging them on those days lately. Sad but true.

Natilcal: EBEW

Michael Stars striped 3/4sleeve top US Army backpack Jeffrey Campbell red leather Lanas kjlring

feather earrings

Method dolman sleeve cardigan scalloped shorts gold turban from etsy ninny collar from Poshmarker


  1. This outfit screams AWESOME! I am in love with it.
    How lucky are you to take pictures by a boat for EBEW's nautical theme? I'm jealous! haha

    1. Thank you, Hannah. About the boat - I know, right? This is my backyard and I was like, How Perfect!

  2. Loving your vintage nautical look for EBEW! That turban is fabulous!!! ~Sarah

    1. Thanks. It was definitely a worthwhile investment at $25. I wear it all the time!

  3. I love your photo really caught my attention...great job!


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