Gown for Golden Age of Hollywood Party

My friend Sasha had a "Golden Age of Hollywood" themed party and this is what I wore! Unfortunately (because I'm obsessed with myself, haha), there aren't a ton of shots of me because I was more concerned with taking photos and schmoozing than remembering to get good shots of myself. Good thing, too, since I was wearing black underwear and that doesn't look too classy in a photo.

The party went really well and I had great fun. Sasha's friend made this amazing Hollywoodland sign for the photobooth and I set up a camera for her so everyone could take their own photos. I'm excited to finally break the barrier into old enough that people only celebrate the big birthdays. I'm not into birthdays myself but I love big parties.


  1. I can verify how gorgeous you looked! Wish we had more better photos

    1. Obviously we need to do this party again.


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