Fashion Star Kara Laricks

I've been following Fashion Star pretty closely, mainly because I became obsessed with Kara Laricks. The moment she showed that deconstructed shirt/tie thing (that the buyers hated) I was hooked. When she won, I headed straight to the stores to try everything on. Saks had the best quality (of course) and now I need advice. What do you guys think of these two pieces?

Wish you could see the lovely details and draping on those pants. (Get your own pants here and jacket here.) I tried on some of the stuff in Macy's and none of it was quite right for me (wish the romper came in petite!) but I did order this stuff from H&M:

Fashion Star H&M Purchases

Can't wait for it to arrive! Did anyone else watch this show?


  1. Yes to the jacket, it looks like a perfect fit!

    1. Thanks for the advice! It's $495 which is so not in my budget right now so I'll have to save up. The Hubbs had do drag me away from the rack, though, haha.

  2. Oh my goodness, I've seen into the ladies dressing room ;-) great jacket, I dunno about that pant skirt/thing, you'll never catch me wearing a pant/skirt thing, but that's just me.


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