Wear All White for Women's Rights


It's not too late. Get your white on and learn more here. Then, take the next step here. Whatever you believe, believe in something and believe in your right to believe in something.




I don't generally want to get too political on this blog because I'm not a political person. But I do quietly believe what I believe and, on this one post, it is okay with me for us to all be a little less quiet and say what we believe. I believe in my right to choose. I stand for as few limitations on that right as possible. I need affordable access to health care.

Think I'm nuts? Feel the same? All okay here.


  1. Great outfit! I hadn't heard about this wear all white thing. Like what you came up with, though. And you worked it all the way, even with shoes and accessories! I'd seen that style dress/tunic but wasn't sure if the look of it would drive me crazy being asymmetrical, but I really like it. Like the idea of going with a black lip to offset all the white, too.ties in with those black buttons, too! I don't think I even own enough white to dress all in white, lol. White and I don't get along. I always manage to stain it.

    1. Thanks, Amber! I got the dress/tunic from Adiel and a thing I love about the asymmetry of the buttons is that I never have to worry about them being perfectly straight, if you know what I mean. Anyway, you could even do something like wear all black and wear a white rose pinned to your top. Anything that makes people ask why you're dressed that way (in my opinion) helps the cause gain momentum. :)

  2. If anyone can rock an outfit based on this color scheme, why am I not surprised it would be you? Very stylish!

  3. This outfit is seriously awesome. One of my favorites that you've blogged so far! So many interesting details, fabulous buttons, and LEG WARMERS!! I'm obsessed with leg warmers, even though I always forget I own any.

    1. Thank you. BUST OUT THE LEGWARMERS! :)


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