Recent Tag Sale Loot

Especially love this military bag and Pyrex. I am going to turn the graduated cylinder into a candle. What color wax do you think I should use? Obviously not white because I want the graduations to show. (And in that tube are posters. One is a really cool Naked Lunch poster that I probably won't be able to show off for a while. I'm waiting until I have my own apartment again before I frame it.)

This plastic pitcher set is a gift for my friend who throws a lot of parties. These CDs are actually Eric's purchases but I stole them.

These tailor's crayons are something that did not sell which I thought my fabulous quilter friend would appreciate. The chargers are something I bought because I thought my little sister, who is in the process of buying her first apartment, would like them.


  1. You are clearly an awesome friend and sister, as well as tag sale looter.

  2. Oh, green wax for sure! ;-D

    I'm obsessed with chargers. Excellent choice.

  3. If you really want to get crazy, multiple wax colors... Or a semi-transparent shade of wax (do they have that in non-gel candle wax?) with something creepily science-y embedded in it, like an unidentifiable organ...


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