Touch of Green + Nail Party Prep

UPDATE: Check out a write-up on my Nail Party over at A Sasha Party!

We had a tag sale appointment on Saturday and I was getting ready for a party I was hosting Sunday (a Nail Party!) so I ended up dressing very subtly with just a green sweatshirt.



Wearing: Threadless "Red" tank, $5 sale; BDG red sweater, Urban Outfitters; American Apparel hooded vest, tag sale; black scarf, courtesy of my friend at Becker's Creations; vintage bolo tie, tag sale; Odile Lancon jeans, tag sale.

So. Right. Out of the blue I decided I wanted to have a party where I could have some fun painting nails and get back in practice. In high school, nail polish supplies took up more of my locker than school supplies and I often did two polish changes in a day. In my mid-twenties I went through an acrylics phase and even did my own. All this nail inspiration all over the place had me jonesing again. Ergo, party.

Nail supplies, ready to use!

Used takeout containers ($3 for 10 at Michael's) as "favors" with little individual nail files inside.

Also left space on the other side for "Color Swatches."

Labels, so everyone who brought polishes could collect them at the end.

The party was eight people (two kids), including me, and I wouldn't have wanted it to be any bigger without a second person polishing nails. Everyone remarked that they loved this party idea and I highly recommend it. My nieces loved it so much that my sister-in-law has already "booked" me for another party for my nieces and a few of their friends. I hadn't thought about it before but, if you're licensed, this is a very monetizable concept. I'm just in it for the fun and practice right now.


  1. Thanks for having us--I had a great time and I love my nails.

  2. Omg, this is such a brilliant idea! I would so attend one of your nail polish parties! :D


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