Pi Linzer Tart Cookies for a Pi(e) Day Party

Note to self: sprinkle powdered sugar before assembly next time.

I need to take a step back from all this super cool clothing stuff and nerd out on you guys in this post. I made cookies. With pi holes! (Get it? Pie holes? The Hubbs thought that pun up and it amused me.)

So, yesterday was "Pi Day," an important national holiday, and my friend The Sasha had a Pi Day Party. I adapted this linzer tart recipe (by making the cookie a little coarser and a little more well done) and painstakingly cut little pi holes. The jam is apricot raspberry that I (cheated and) bought from the grocery store because my food mill is in storage.

I am sure the Sasha will post all about the party, but I wanted to share a few snaps of things I loved, like this bunting made by Art of Inclusion:

What 36 digits of pi looks like on bunting. I got to help by "randomizing" the triangles!

And these mooshes helping out:


And if you're wondering what I wore to a Pi Day celebration, the answer is: nothing special. But here's some evidence:



  1. Those look delicious! And I'm glad to see you wore something comfy to make room for all that Pi(e). ;)

    1. Thanks. There was So Much pi-related pie!

  2. The Willie pic is not showing up?

    Other than that this is an awesome post and I highly approve. Do you think you mgiht put people shots up on facebook?

    1. Ah, thanks. Camera shy Willie. I adjusted his size slightly to match Shea's and did not fix my link accordingly. Re: People shots - I may do that, or you are welcome to do it. I haven't done a lot of sorting through the photos yet.

  3. Those cookies were truly wonderful! Linzer tarts are in the category of "one of my favorite cookies when they come out well, but so many times you get crappy versions and it's sad," and your cookies were basically the platonic ideal for linzer-ness, especially the texture! I will not say how many of them I may have eaten.


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