Dior Mutton Sleeves and Japanese Socks


These mutton sleeves look almost like a normal size here but, let me assure you, they are ginormous.

sink ships
I like this photo inexplicably much. (Loose lips sink ships, y'all.)

I keep thinking I should get rid of this vest because I have too many. Then I see it from the back and I change my mind.

vintage cape
My "new" cape from this loot post.

I love this outfit. It is exactly as crazy as I am. It makes me feel so nostalgic because it's exactly how I would have dressed in high school if I had the money to do it. (Hello, high school me! Look what you're wearing!) Please don't nominate me for What Not to Wear just because I'm hanging on to my youth, guys. Also, I am wearing a sock in my hair. I feel compelled to tell everyone. Is that strike two?

Wearing: Vintage Christian Dior mutton sleeve blouse from an estate sale; Le Rok vest from Loehmann's; Karl Lagerfeld for Impulse shorts from Macy's; Missoni for Target zigzag tights; Japanese street style extra long scrunchable socks from a random store off Rue Keller in Paris; Luichiny platform Mary Janes via the now defunct


  1. Really like the shirt with that vest. And the hairdo you went with really helps make the outfit. Maybe since it's off your face, and it helps bring out the look of the shirt and the vest more somehow? Dunno, but I loves it!

    1. Thanks, Amber. It wasn't intentional (I just did what felt right) but I totally see what you mean with the hair. I'm glad you broke it down for me because I'm not always aware of the reason I make the style choices I make. Again, thanks!

  2. I love the loose lips photo so much as well. Fantastic. Also the painting backdrop.

    Totally could be a YA cover...

  3. This is amazing! You look like you should be walking down a runway.

    1. Thanks, girl. If only I had an extra foot of height!

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you! I thought of you while I was posting this one because it has so much goth in it. :)


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