Crafting With Jewelry - Rubbings

When I went to my storage space to find my slouch gloves, I brought home a whole bunch of my gloves and scarves to sort through and ended up with a ton that were too dirty or destroyed for me to want to bother with. Thankfully, I have my friend Stella, an amazing quilter, to bring these things to now! We had fun experimenting with her rubbing technique...

Pile of junk for Stella to turn into treasure.

Stella suggested that, if I had any interestingly textured jewelry, it might make for good rubbing. We all know I had that department covered, right?
Jewelry for rubbing. A new use for those earrings I love so much! Yeah, I totally have an ankh from The Four Seasons in Cairo that I plan to turn into a necklace.
The fabric paint sticks, and some sample rubbings that Stella made. We were all really fond of the way the horse head pendant made that round rubbing!
Stella, demonstrating the technique using an ingenious rubbing plate about which I'm sure she'll post at some point.
Some sample rubbings made by The Sasha.
A Threadless shirt which, when I'm through with it, will bear little resemblance to it's original state.

Because I'm a fan of instant gratification, I didn't really do a lot of sample rubbing. I just stuck stuff on my shirt and hoped for the best. Sometimes this meant I made a mess and sometimes it was awesome. I really enjoyed this technique because, even though I'm craft challenged, I was able to get into it right away. I don't have any of the finesse or Stella's eye for mixing patterns and colors in this medium, but I got some stuff on my shirt that I like and I know what else I want to do with it. (Starting with a boatneck. I'm choking just looking at the ringer.) Stella is going to heat set it for me and then I can even wash it in the washing machine. Woot!

And, oh yeah, Sasha and Stella made some food, including this yummy strawberry shortcake.


  1. These photos came out super gorgeous! Your super fancy flash-modification technique worked wonders!

    1. Haha, thank you! Never underestimate the power of a magic napkin. (Feel free to re-use any of the photos that you like.)

  2. ...I want more of that dessert.

    Do you have plans beyond making the shirt boat neck?

    1. I do! I want to put some ribbon as trim, maybe add some embroidery and buttons and stuff. Basically, I want more dimension.


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