A 17 Dollar Go-To Green Outfit

a thousand blades were flashing at the risin' of the moon

Wearing: Green ruffle top by Design History from a clothing swap; mint floral skirt, $1 in a heap of scrap fabric; black tooled leather briefcase, $10 from a tag sale; rhinestone lion pin, $3 from a tag sale; hammered metal choker, $3 from a tag sale.

A re-working for EBEW. These snaps were taken in my beloved old apartment in Mineola. I was going through a phase where I liked for my hair to look like it was a wig that needed to be combed out. Awesome. (I still fall back on this style sometimes.)

I had been doing a lot of rearranging of the apartment. Just little things, mostly. Like my new Staffordshire lions making friends with my foo dogs (and my skirt with a hole in it because I was still deciding whether I wanted a zipper or buttons or what):

staffordshire meets foo

And my new and improved "usual" corner:

not the way that I do love you

I so very much miss all this "stuff." It's sitting in storage while my husband looks for work and we live in a room at my in-laws' place.

fight song for fuck-ups

Though it starts with your fist it must end with your mind. (A little Dropkick Murphys fan girling out to set the mood.) Hope you all have a painless St. Pat's. I'm a really good pincher.

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  1. I can't get over that briefcase but that entire outfit is a ten! Love your mannequin!

  2. i really like your style! i´m your new follower :)

  3. Ruffly sweater perfection. I absolutely love it.

  4. lovely! Love all your stuff and that briefcase, wow1

  5. I am sooooooooooooo glad to see you back posting, my original and unique friend.
    Adding you back to my blogroll this second.
    Always in awe of your style.

    1. Glad to be back! I've missed you, too.

  6. Not only do I love this outfit, I absolutely love your hair.


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