Human Teeth Necklaces

I've been obsessed with these human teeth necklaces for a while now. Weird, possibly hideous, vaguely nausea-inducing? Sign me up! In fact, if you come across this post and also have similarly bizarre jewelry, please share pictures in the comments so I can lust after your weird stuff even though I have my own weird stuff.


I bought these necklaces at a tag sale Gold Coast did in Dix Hills. The same sale where I bought Foxy, my taxidermy fox. TONS of bizarre, interesting, amazing things at that sale. Wish I could go back with more money!


Worn with some of my favorite accessories: Escada pin, Cartier Love bracelet, Victorian portrait ring. (And deconstructed claddagh wedding band.) Yes, I really do walk around with my nails in such a terrible state most of the time.

Hanging out with some of my other necklaces.


  1. Whoa girl, your hair looks amazeballs in these pics!

    1. Well specifically, the first pic. ;)

    2. Haha, thank you! I've been in the straightening mood lately.

  2. How awesomely bizarre! I have a vampire bat in a jar (obligatory Goth thing). There is a store on Melrose Blvd. (or was... I haven't been to Melrose in quite a while...) called Necromance that specializes in the creepy-bizarre. You just made me crave a trip down there!


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