Farewell, Marc Jacobs Suit

You guys. This Marc Jacobs suit used to fit me like I had it tailored and now it fits me like a suit that does not fit me and has not been tailored. Either the suit got bigger or I got smaller. This didn't stop me from wearing it one last time, 70s-style, and cleverly posing so it's not so obvious. Ah, the beauty of working from home.



This is also a farewell to this awesome Ralph Lauren Bag, which I sold in the Poshmark app (an app for buying right out of your favorite blogger's closet!). If you have an Apple device, I recommend giving this app a try. It was created by a lot of great people from Kaboodle. If you follow me on Twitter, we can connect automatically. Buy this suit so I can buy something I've had my eye on. ;)

Wearing: pantsuit by Marc Jacobs, vintage blouse by Pucci, platform Lanas by Jeffrey Campbell, feather earrings (I wear these pretty much every day) from the Swap Market, assorted vintage and secondhand jewelry, and leopard belt signed DR and dated '94. Anyone know who DR is?


And I had to get silly (and also out of focus).



  1. I'm obsessed with this post. I need to come out to the east coast again, but this time not for work so I have more time to hang out with you two!

    1. Yes, please! Oh, the things we will do and the places we will go.

  2. Excuse me, we have an outfit here with no identification. Where is all of Eric's clothing from?

    1. Ahaha, I love you! His shirt is from Threadless, his shoes are Converse, and I think the jeans are Sean John.


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