Tag Sale Haul - Vargas, Baby!

We had a really great vintage sale yesterday for really great clients. And you know how lost, leftover things have a way of coming home with me. (Okay, it's because I buy them.) These pretties aren't actually Vargas girls, but they're awesome and they made Eric and me laugh:

By K.O. Munson, about whom you can read here.

What's not to love?


The homeowners were using these to store spare tips for their cue sticks. Also, check out the awesome new turquoise scarab I'm adding to my collection.

I waited until after most of the keys were sold before I bought these. But then I couldn't resist anymore. Also, I cannot reasonably be expected to turn down anything with an anchor on it. (Actually, this is a lie. I decided I didn't need a pin that said "Sailors have more fun" with an anchor on it.)

Awesome things that NOBODY wanted that found their way home with me.

And no sale would be complete if I wasn't on the lookout for things for friends, too:

Pyrex for the_sasha. Doilies and a weird shawl thing which I thought had awesome pattern and texture for my friend Stella. Stella likes anything with interesting fabric that is going to be thrown away because it is stained or too tiny for anyone else to use. She makes these awesome quilt things with them.


  1. Nice to see you back in blogland! :) Oooh, I love the keys. Too, too much!!!

    1. Thanks so much. So glad to be back. I've missed you!

  2. Replies
    1. Yes! (Not intending to be creepy, but they made me think of you.)


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