Go With the Flow

I am falling hard for awkward midi-lengths and long, flowy things. I feel like it's a good time to be feeling a little untethered.

Thrifted leather pencil skirt, top from Victoria's Secret Pink line, sheer cardigan thing Christmas gift (but came from Urban Outfitters), Jeffrey Campbell Lanas, jewelry mostly secondhand from swapping or tag sales.

Also super into things that don't quite match lately, like these grays that are technically neutrals mixed with these browns that are also neutrals but are kind of mismatchy together. Love that.

I guess I must have said something to myself that constituted fighting words. ;)

Back to prim and proper lady again.

Life has been busy, as usual. We expanded GCTS to include a Silver Package where my sister-in-law and I run the sales ourselves. (My mother-in-law is the boss at Gold Coast.) I don't expect too much business for Silver during the winter but we had a really great response from everyone and having the Silver Package available seems to have resulted in a few more calls for Gold Coast. Hurray! I also changed our notifications, redesigned the site, started the agonizing process of monetizing. All my back-end work happens here in the winter when there's time to think. This might be a good time to remind all of you who live in NY that you should get yourselves signed up for GCTS emails. You never know what you're going to find! :)


  1. I love midi-length. It looks so great with ankle boots... And these red ones are soooooo awesome!!

    1. Thanks! They're like a second skin to me lately.


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