Tag Sale Haul - Albertson

We did a sale for a friend of ours this weekend. She's the personal organizer we recommend any time someone can use a personal organizer and we've gotten a couple of great sales from her, too. I think she's just great and it was such a pleasure getting to meet the rest of her family. Her name is Alix and I'll be doing an interview with her at the Gold Coast blog sometime soon.

And here's some of what I bought at her sale!


A couple other things, too, so I'm sure they'll be popping up in upcoming outfit posts. How great is that tiger?

There were some very singular things at Alix's house, like this LV steamer trunk:

Albertson Tag Sale 015

This Chanel bag that was a nice, different style from what you usually see:

Albertson Tag Sale 076

Lots of designer shoes:


(I bought that red pair but I was also completely in love with the teal and red pair above them, by Sonia Rykiel. No prayer in hell of fitting into them, boo.)

It was a very busy day but I had a nice, slow day on Saturday, going around to other sales:


Still a little too early in the yard sale season to score anything good at any of them.


(I was making a terrible face, so you only get the outfit! Pretty much nothing you haven't seen before. The top is from one of Machete's $5 sales, gift from Hubbs. I usually cut the necks off of all of my ringers because they make me feel like I'm choking to death all day. The pants are from, $39. I wear them pushed up like the model sometimes, too.)


  1. I adore all your shopping, but the bag in the first pic is fantastic.

  2. That bag in the first picture is SO cute! And I can't wait to see the shoes in an outfit. Hard to tell in the photo, but they look rather fabulous...

  3. Oh, that bag in the first pic! I love it!

  4. Those shoes! Love them. The ones that you are wearing. Although the ones that you bought look cool too.

  5. You had a rough look but oh so cool. There are a lot of nice items to choose on the sale.


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