Striped dress, chunky jewelry, and my friend wearing the legwarmers I sent her

May 3, 2011

As you can see, I've become obsessed with this assortment of bangles and I'm completely abusing how easy they are to throw on and add weight to my outfits. They don't even get terribly in the way of computer heavy days. That's what I call brilliant.

Dress - Crazy Horse; Bag - Dolce & Gabanna; Cardigan - To the Maxx; Shoes - Steven by Steve Madden; Bangles - vintage Bakelite, wood, metal, all secondhand except JessLC chevron bracelet; Brooch - estate sale

And, yes, the bag again. It's such a perfect size and I love the versatility of the straps so I keep Not switching it out for another where I'm normally an every day or every few days bag switcher.


I bought this cardigan before my wedding to wear to my wedding. It served that purpose and is now useful in my wardrobe. One thing I wanted of my wedding clothes and accessories was for all of them to be useful to me subsequent to the wedding. So far, so good on that front!


I did add one new bracelet to the other hand. See? It's not all exactly the same! Haha.
I'm posting this picture for the funny. What the hell am I doing to my hair?
Later in the afternoon, I took off my chipping red nail polish and did some new nails. These nails are inspired entirely by one of the most awesome people I know and her many interesting posts about what she's doing to her nails. Especially this one: Adiel's polka dot nails. Thanks for the constant nail inspiration, girl!
nailed it
Denim nails with Sally Hansen nail strips

Remember my loot post where I mentioned that I bought some legwarmers specifically because I thought this girl I know on the internet would like them? Well, she didn't think I was nuts, she did like them, and here she is wearing them:

Ain't life awesome?

I mentioned in my last post that I had a big announcement for yesterday but that got delayed (like happens any time more than one person is involved in doing anything) so it's possible I will be bombarding you with So Freaking Many Posts today or tomorrow. I'm sorry and I hope you will still love me as much as I love you.



    OK, I won't yell anymore. But really, that dress is gorgeous!

    Thanks for the calming words about the hair, I appreciate it! :)

  2. Love your dress and the way you accessorized it!

  3. Beautiful photos! Lovely dress and hair. All the item in the picture add to create an interesting mood.

    1. Thanks so much, Ann. I just visited your blog and love the warmth and artfulness of your home.


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