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Confession time: Every time I think about EBEW, I get that song by Ace of Base in my head. (Everyone, everywhere, Ace of Base is in your mind.) I'm confessing not only knowing that song, but knowing it well enough for it to get stuck in my head. The Sign was the first CD I ever received (simultaneously with CrazySexyCool). I liked cassette tapes (and my mom's 45s) just fine so I had quite the collection of terrible dance music bought for me by other people before I ever got around to buying my first CD. Also, everyone I knew listened to KTU until I got to high school and discovered this whole wide world of alternative music. I think it was basically illegal to listen to anything except KTU in southeastern Brooklyn in 1994.


So I'll probably be putting this bag up for trade because, uh, it's too tiny for me. I can't realistically fit even the most bare bones basic necessities in there. So maybe someone with a more minimalistic style can nab it and send me a tote or some new shoes or something.


You can't tell in these pictures but my pants (which are, in fact, pants) are completely see through. This has made them generally difficult to wear but I decided this was a good opportunity to challenge myself. But then I just copped out and stuck some black tights under them. Cheaterface.


When I was out of the house on appointments I wore the vest because visible bra straps probably don't make the best impression on potential clients. But I don't have a personal problem with visible bra straps, especially very thin ones, so I took the vest off when I got home. I'm scandalous that way.


Look. My pants are So Big.


I felt like making myself yellow. Also, I liked that my earrings were peaking out.


This dragon necklace (enter the dragon!) is the first piece of truly large jewelry I ever bought. It remains one of my favorites. The marcasite ring is by some designer or other, maybe Judith Jack.


Closeup of my pants and you still can't tell they're see through. Win. I've been wearing these shoes a lot. But usually with socks because I generally never leave time to paint my toenails. Do you guys do sandals and pumps with socks? I'd love it if you'd show me!

Oh, and I did a practice run of florals last week, so enjoy double the florals:


  1. Love love love this look. The tiny tank with the big pants, A++

  2. Awesome pants!! I love that they look like a skirt sometimes, and like big pants other times! :) This would solve the problem of wind whipping a long skirt around your legs and tripping you... (or am I the only one who has that problem?)

    Sophistique Noir - Dark, Elegant Fashion

  3. @K - Thanks so much. And it's so comfy to run around in. I love when that happens. I was starting to wonder if my feed reader was broken because I hadn't seen any posts from you in a while. But now I went and saw you were just busy with awesome life stuff. Yay!

    @Vic - Thank you. I totally have that problem, too. This outfit actually presented me with a new problem: getting your heels caught in your pant legs. I live on the first floor and this hadn't occurred to me as a possible problem while getting dressed. But I was on an appointment where we were taking stuff on consignment and I couldn't hold my pants up like they were a skirt because I had my hands full of bricabrac and I definitely got myself caught IN my pants. It's only through the wonder of this material being stretchy that I didn't trip and break myself and the things I was carrying!

  4. Your palazzo style pants are so chic and your accessories are fab!

  5. Wow - I love it! Those trousers are amazing. So glad I found your blog - I'll be having a look around!

  6. Ace of Base?! Yes! And this outfit is an absolute win! As usual, I want every piece of it, from head to toe!

  7. Fantastic outfit! The floral pants are unexpected. I'm also a fan of high-heeled sandals and socks. Mainly because it's not suppored to "go." So I make it work. It's fun - and practical.

  8. Wow, the more I look at you and your outfits, the more glad I am to have found you, and your wonderful source of inspiration.
    Besos from Berlin.

  9. Totally love your style!! found you at everybody everywear ....
    You have a new follower dear :D

  10. You are officially my favourite new find from this round of EBEW. Your vintage and tagged finds are amazing, as is your hair!

    Looking forward to keeping up with your blog,

  11. I love your pants!!! I love this entire outfit. Your pictures are amazing!! I'm so glad I found your blog through EBEW. I totally forgot about that Ace of Base song, haha. I still have that CD :)


    Kirstin Marie

  12. Thanks so much everyone. Your comments make me feel warm and fuzzy. (I don't know if you can tell but I'm usually a stone cold b-i-you-know-what, haha. I'm just kidding. I only look mean.)

    @jean - Yes! I love that they're kind of unexpected. I've always been a fan of socks with heels and I'm psyched that I'm inadvertently on trend!

  13. Thanks so much, everyone. Your kind comments are treasures. (I'm mushing out on ya, sorry.)

  14. Lurrrrve these pants with the tiny tank and stacked up jewellery. I think you must have a wonderfully mad artistic streak and I'm afraid I'm just going to have to follow you. You're amazing!!!

  15. I totally love your pants and your style! I, too, found you via EBEW! You are an awesome stylist and I feel inspired reading your blog. Another new follower... I have a feeling you are going to be a popular blogger. Cheers!

  16. I forgot to say I used to wear socks with pumps and platforms (and shoes like the ones you have on) during my younger years (late 70s/early 80s). I love the look and I am thinking of trying it again but I am not sure a "woman of a particular age" can pull it off without looking like I am trying to hard to look younger. Anyway - you look awesome and I love that trend. Cheers!.....again.

  17. You're amazing as usual =D You're like a piece of art in your outfits. I could never have the confidence to pull of your style but I sure love looking t it, just a special treat you awe me.

    Kel @ ser·en·dip·i·ty

  18. I love your take on florals- so unique! And that purse! Oh find the best items. I like your practice outfit, too. Great hat :)


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