Welcome to my living room

I've been meaning to show off my new table in its new home. I've had it for almost a week now, after all. I got distracted by sorting through things to trade on for Earth Day. You are about to see so many pictures of things and stories about the things in the pictures your eyes might glaze over. Remember I warned you.

wumpus amungus

Say "hi" to Arsenic. She loves the loveseats and loves when I want to work from them instead of my desk or bed. The space is small so I'm really happy to have a table that looks interesting without taking up too much visual space. I'm loving the contrast between the contemporary and the traditional. And, bonus, this table (which is actually a side table) is high enough that we can eat dinner at it. Behind the couch you can see a bunch of stuff that I'm still working on: a Moroccan-style pendant which I wanted so badly but can't seem to find the perfect place for, the stick of a stick lamp that needs some jazzing up, my bar with mess all over it waiting to get put back under the bar (the doors of which are presently waiting to be reattached), and my record cabinet with stereo crap on top (which presently lacks speakers, making it kind of useless).

now turn to the right

A wider view. Boy do I love my table. I do still want a mirrored piece somewhere in my apartment but this table is going to tide me over for a while. Here's another angle so you can get a better idea of the space:

now turn to the left

And the many things in it. Here are some tighter shots:








And here are some stories.


I got this guy in the basement of a house in Old Westbury. He was hiding behind some cheap florists' vases. He whispered in a serpentine little lisp that I would be taking him home with me. I didn't argue. We had the exact same figurine at one of our recent sales (in Cold Spring Harbor) but that one didn't talk to me so he lives with someone else now. Behind him is a prop doll that I got from an eBay seller about eight or nine years ago. This guy had a lot of truly amazing prop dolls and I wish I could find him again because I feel like I need something with three heads in my life. Next to him is a teapot in the shape of a black-face clown on all fours. I'm interested in weird, old things even and especially if they're kind of racist. I like to acknowledge uglier times in an uglier world and find a kind of beauty in the fact that they're no longer appropriate.


I love the majesty and strength of horses. It's difficult for me not to buy every horse I see. I feel the same way about lions, too. I don't remember where I got this horse, but I think it was on the South Shore. I like his colors and the way he looks worn. The gargoyle drawing was done by the son of someone we did a sale for in Plainview. I just love the weirdness of it, and also that it was framed long and narrow. I don't like to put out a lot of personal pictures (I prefer them in photo albums or on the internet) but I put this one of my nieces out because my nieces are cute and I liked the frame (a Christmas gift from my sister-in-law). I put it here because I like the implication that the mama tiger is protecting my favorite little cubs. They're hanging out on "The Dictionary of Costumes" which was a birthday gift from a close friend a bunch of years ago.

baby snaps

This is a fully functioning camera that's about the length of my pinky finger. What's not to love? I got it at a sale we did in East Setauket. Surrounded by my Mikasa glasses (which you'll often see on television shows and in films when wealthy people are having dinner parties because they are pretty good dupes of the Waterford Omega stemware).


These cameras are from all over the place. I like Brownies, especially, but I go for anything that has an interesting, dated look. I don't care if the cameras are in working order because I just think they're interesting to look at, so I can usually get them pretty inexpensively (not that they sell for much either way). The peacock came from a sale in Plainview. Behind her is an old aluminum water canteen. Not the sort of thing I would usually be drawn toward but it had a weird little inscription and it's from the Girl Scouts.

pretty ugly

I got this ugly-pretty bird thing in TJMaxx for $3 during Christmas clearance. Technically an ornament but I like her out all year long. Ugly-pretty plays a big role in my style, in general, so she's kind of like my mascot.

dirty silver

These sterling candlesticks are an inheritance from Eric's grandparents. They had toppers but one of them was broken and it's impossible to find someone who will re-solder silver nowadays so we dispensed with them. I'm terrible with polishing silver but, luckily for me, I enjoy the battered, aged look letting them stay tarnished provides.


This ivory figurine came from my mother-in-law. When I first met her I didn't want to incorporate any oriental decor into my living space and oriental is her favorite design element. She wore me down. I embrace the oriental. How I got there was by noticing how good it looked with Gothic and Victorian decor, which I already loved. Eric always loved this piece and she gave it to us to commemorate her imperial dominance over my psyche. ;) Next to her are an old bobble head doll (from the same sale in Old Westbury where the armored dragon whispered to me) and a Waterford vase. Behind them is a percussive instrument (I've forgotten the name) from a sale in Massapequa. I love the grain in the wood so we keep it out.


This peculiar little doll came from a sale in East Williston. It's probably obvious why she came home with me. Like with many things, nobody else wanted her. I'm constantly amazed by the things nobody else wants. She hangs out in this Orrefors bowl, looking sad and lonely and small.


I love about this etched Orrefors decanter that the artist gave this woman AWESOME abs. This one is a signed piece. The market on Orrefors signed by the artist is in the toilet so I got her for a song. I love nudes but this is the first and only one I have because I don't come across many that are quite right for my space and still affordable.


Another piece of Orrefors signed by the artist. I found this piece conceptually brilliant. Decanters have a natural, almost obvious feline curve and this is a great acknowledgment of that. Cloisonne vase from my mother-in-law. I like yellows as a minor color in the room because they don't overwhelm the blue-greens and burgundy-pinks and wood tones.


This is a tree topper. Another lost thing that found its way to me. I love the way her pathos is so beautifully conveyed with no facial features whatsoever. I love her texture, too. From a sale in Massapequa.

death dive

I bought the frog at a sale we did in Melville. The vase belonged to my mother-in-law but she replaced it with something else and I nabbed the vase.

And if that wasn't enough to look at, never fear, I posted a recent outfit at my kaboodle blogazine.


  1. I am so envious of all your treasures, your ability to write about each piece so eloquently, and your amazing style and wonderfully beautiful eclectic decor!

    Kel @ ser·en·dip·i·ty

  2. I love how warm and full of personality your home is. I feel like I could spend hours inspecting all the cool things you've got in there!

  3. Wow, and I thought I had too many things in my house. What a relieved...
    I like a place that tells stories.

  4. Woah! I love your living room! You have put so much time into it and feels so right!

  5. Your living room looks so cozy and exotic at the same time! One could look around for an hour and still discover new things. :) I especially love the old cameras!

    Sophistique Noir - Dark, Elegant Fashion

  6. Holy moly! You have great taste! I'm drooling in envy over your taaaaabbbbllle. If you ever want to get rid of it, you know where I live. More or less. :)

  7. Thanks, ladies. It's a total and complete labor of love. The bedroom looks like a tornado, though, haha. I don't know entirely what's going on in there yet.

    @Victorian Kitty - I love about cameras that they take this cold, sterile thing (technology) and make it about life and warmth and capturing that special essence things have.

    @Heather - Haha, maybe in ten years or so! My mother-in-law has the matching coffee table, though, so I'll probably never get rid of this table and instead steal her table when we're at a stage in our life where we can afford a larger apartment. She was more interested in the glass top than the bases. I was all about the bases (though the glass is wonderfully thick and well cut).

  8. Love it!

    As a mommy of 4 - I daydream about the day I can have all white furniture, lots of sharp edges and ALL of the wonderful knick nack items I have found, salvaged, and thrifted over the years. Ahhhhh a girl can dream!


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